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Your Website is the Most Visible, “Always-On” Public Face of Your Law Firm


Your law firm consists of some of the most talented attorneys in your area.  

So why isn’t your firm’s website generating new clients?


Often, a firm has no idea about how effective its website is, or whether it is effective at all. A firm may be surprised to learn that its website actually receives little traffic, or that 70% or more of website visitors bounce (leave the website after seeing only one web page).

Our law firm website audit will provide you with the information needed to understand what is really happening with your website. Often the audit will not only identify serious website technical matters negatively impacting rankings, but also user resonation issues that may be affecting new client development.


We Conduct a Comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative Audit of Your Law Firm’s Website

We examine your firm’s website from both a user and a search engine perspective to determine what changes need to be made to the firm’s website in order to achieve higher rankings in the search results.

Our Law Firm Website Audit and Recommendations Report consists of the following:

website audit

Once the audit is complete, we prepare a comprehensive custom report.  You will know exactly how your website is performing, what aspects are working well, and what should be done for the aspects that are not working well so that your website will be more effective in generating new clients.


I Need SEO For Higher Rankings to Get More Traffic and Clients

We often receive calls from attorneys wanting higher search engine rankings for more clicks, website traffic, and clients. Often a focus on high search engine rankings should not be the first step.

As part of the website audit to identify structural issues (such as broken links), we will want to take a comprehensive look at website analytics, including the bounce rate, the average time on the website, the average number of pages viewed, and other statistics. In many cases, these statistics will provide a strong indication that the website is not resonating with potential clients and website visitors.

If your website does not resonate with users, the first task is to fix this issue, not seek high search engine rankings.



If your website does not resonate with users, the first priority will be to attempt to determine why the website is not resonating, and to fix these matters (which may require developing a new website). It does not make sense to invest the time or effort in seeking high search engine rankings if it will only lead to more people going to a site and not becoming clients.


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Client Review

Jeff’s work in developing my website was critical in the launching of my solo practice as a bankruptcy attorney. Kelly and Jeff continue to provide me with excellent support as my business grows. I now plan to use them in creating a video advertising campaign.

5 Star Review – Max Tarbox

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