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Does your firm’s brand stand out from the crowd?

Your law firm’s logo and other collateral are important aspects of your firm’s brand.  They need to resonate with clients, and be consistent with the value proposition and services offered by your law firm.  They also should help differentiate your firm from competitors so that prospective clients want to hire your firm.

Whether your law firm serves leading corporate clients or individuals that have been injured or have other legal needs, we can create the right brand and collateral for your firm.


Best Law Firm Logos for Attorneys

Law Firm Logos Designed by Esquire Interactive



Your Law Firm’s Brand – The Development Process

At the heart of a great law firm logo is the creation of a strong law firm brand.  A brand consists of the value proposition that you r firm offers clients – the legal services you provide, the non-legal needs that you fulfill, and the associated fees that are charged.

A brand is conveyed through messages and images, in addition to collateral.  Ideally, brand messaging and a firm’s value proposition should  be developed first – before tangible collateral and a firm website are developed – so that the logo, other collateral, and website encompass the messages and identity desired by the firm.

If a firm wants to position itself as a long-trusted corporate firm serving established businesses, the logo and collateral materials may be very different than a firm seeking to position itself as a cutting-edge boutique law firm serving start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

If you want to be seen at the right firm for client needs, it’s important to develop a recognizable brand that will convey this perception.


Law Firm Business Cards and Collateral Designed by Esquire Interactive


See our Law Firm Collateral Portfolio.


Law Firm Branding and Website Development

In most instances in which we are undertaking both brand development and website development, we will want to develop the firm identify first, then the website artwork consistent with the firm identity, and lastly the logo and collateral development (which will fit with the firm identity and the website artwork).

A law firm’s website and logo will the be primary and likely most-used way of conveying a firm’s brand, not only through the website itself, but also across social media and even printed collateral (which should incorporate key website design aspects).



How We Create Leading Law FirmBrands

We undertake interviews with firm attorneys to carefully understand not only the areas in which the firm practices, but also the unique attributes of the firm and its attorneys.  We also want to understand that the clients that they firm seeks to attract, and how the firm may wish to evolve with respect to the practice areas and services that are offered.

Once this information has been prepared, we create a Branding & Identity Memorandum, which sets forth our ideas on positioning the firm, and the key messages to be conveyed, in part,through the website and in the branding collateral.  Upon approval we prepare multiple logo and collateral concepts, in addition to the website design and development (if we have been retained for these services).

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