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Law Firm Website Hosting

Website Hosting for Attorneys

Blazingly-Fast Server Hosting for Extreme Speed, Security, & Reliability

About Law Firm Website Hosting

The Technical Specs for Our Hosting for Lawyers

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The Technical Specs for Our Hosting for Lawyers

We provide comprehensive law firm website hosting services using state-of-the-art servers at one of the country’s leading hosting facilities.  Our attorney website hosting includes the following:

  • Powerful Server Systems.
  • Managed 24/7 Hosting for 99.999% Uptime.
  • Automated daily managed website backups.
  • Redundant Firewalls

Esquire Interactive Law Firm Hosting Advantages


No Overloaded Servers

Some “rock bottom” hosting companies put hundreds of websites on a single underpowered server. The monthly cost may be low, but website load time can be very slow, which not only annoys prospective clients but can also negatively affect the website’s search engine rankings.


No Shared Servers with Spammers

A website can be blacklisted if it is on the same server that also hosts spammers and malicious websites.  Because we use a dedicated server, we control all websites on the server. This eliminates the possibility that a “bad” website will jeopardize server integrity through malicious activities.


Root-Level Access

Some programs require “root-level” access to the server to make changes required to operate. We can make these changes. Nearly all large shared hosting companies will provide this type of access to individual clients, as their systems must be uniform and any changes could affect other sites hosted on the same server.

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Lawyer Website Hosting FAQs

We use Dell PowerEdge 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core server with dual mirrored hard drives (if one hard drive fails, the other hard drive is immediately available so there is no downtime).

Uptime ensures that your website is available 24/7, which is crucial for client accessibility and trust.

Yes. As a website hosting company that has been servicing lawyers for nearly two decades, we understand the vital importance of backups. In the event of a catastrophic server failure, spare servers are on hand, and backup files can be quickly migrated. Our managed hosting for attorneys also includes DNS services, OS patching, network monitoring, firewalls, and security checks.

Fast-loading pages provide a better user experience, which can lead to longer site visits and higher conversions. Slow pages can deter potential clients and harm your search engine rankings.

A CDN stores your website’s content on multiple servers distributed globally. It serves your site’s content from the closest server to the user, resulting in faster load times and improved search engine rankings.

Overloaded servers can severely slow down website performance. Slow websites can frustrate potential clients and negatively affect search engine rankings.

Sharing a server with malicious websites can lead to your website being blacklisted, damaging your reputation and search engine rankings. As a hosting company for law firms, we use dedicated servers so that our clients do not have to worry about sharing servers with spammers.

Root-level access allows specific changes to the server, which some programs might require to function properly. Not all hosting companies for law firms provide this, but it’s vital for certain website functionalities.

Esquire Interactive provides comprehensive security features, including 99.9% uptime, redundant firewalls, daily managed website backups, and regular security checks.

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