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FirmMetrics™ Law Firm Analytics Reports


  • Comprehensive Website Analytics.
  • Google Keyword Rankings.
  • Google Ads Metrics.
  • Social Media Engagement.
  • Other Customized Analytics.

FirmMetrics™ aggregates data from multiple sources into one easy-to-digest monthly interactive report delivered to your email.

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Want specific analytics included in your report?

Talk to us – we can normally integrate specified analytics.  

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Sample Report Sections

Website Traffic
FirmMetrics Report


FirmMetrics™ reports break down analytics by US traffic, organic traffic, mobile traffic & referral
traffic so you know where your leads are coming from.


You’ll receive a month-to-month comparison for every metric to track your firm’s growth easily.

Source Traffic
FirmMetrics report section


Learn where your traffic is coming from so you can understand what works best and where to focus more


Want to know if your content is engaging? Our bounce rate tracker tells you the percentage of time users leave your site without visiting other website pages.

Social Network Referrals
FirmMetrics report section


Monitor Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube referrals to see what social platform is generating the most leads.

Top Landing Pages
FirmMetrics report section


Know what landing pages resonate with visitors so you can create content that is responsive to user searches.


See the metrics for your key practice pages, including average time on page and the number of page views.

Top Referral Websites
FirmMetrics report section


Learn what and how many backlinks are linked to your website so you can drive traffic from external sources.


Determine if paid directory links are resulting in new client leads.

Google Rankings
FirmMetrics Google Rankings analytics


Google shows 10 organic (non-paid) searches on each results page. A ranking of “5” means that a link for the keyword is shown in the 5th position on the first page; a ranking of 24 would mean that a link for the keyword is shown in the 4th position on the 3rd page (the 3rd page contains listings 21-30).


If nothing is shown in this column, this indicates a “regular” listing in the Google search results. A “map” icon indicates that the firm is shown in one of the “maps” listings (A = first position). A camera icon indicates that an image from the firm’s website is shown in the search results.

Google Ads
FirmMetrics report section
FirmMetrics report section
FirmMetrics report section
FirmMetrics report section


A single lead more than covers the price of an entire year of FirmMetrics™.

Want even more? Add multiple locations or additional search terms.


$ 29

/Per month
+ $199 one-time setup fee*

  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports
  • 50 Tracked Keywords
  • Facebook Tracking
  • Instagram Tracking
  • YouTube Tracking
  • Google Ads Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Comprehensive Website Tracking
  • Landing Page Analytics

Search Terms

Want to see more rankings?

$ 10

/Per month

  • 50 Additional Keywords
  • Increase Leads
  • Improve Ad Customization


Want to reach more markets?

$ 5

/Per month

  • Track Additional Location
  • Target Local Clients
  • Generate Leads for Different Offices

FirmMetrics™ Law Firm Analytics Report FAQs

Absolutely! We can track hundreds of different metrics (hourly rates apply for initial setup).

With FirmMetrics™, you’ll get a comprehensive attorney analytics report at the beginning of every month.

Our comprehensive law firm marketing reports can track vital analytics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & any other social media accounts that provide an output for tracking.

90% of the time users click on a link on the first page of Google’s search results. Most of these clicks go to the links in the top three unpaid positions. Having high rankings is critical for getting potential clients to your website.

Yes. One location is included with our standard package; additional locations can be added to attorney analytics reports for $5 per month.

Yes! FirmMetrics™ law firm analytics reports offer a wide variety of competitor tracking tools, so you can implement targeted strategies to outperform other firms.

Yes! Easily track Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ad campaigns. FirmMetrics™ lawyer analytics reports aggregate key paid advertising data into easily digestible sections so you can monitor the performance of multiple campaigns.

We’re happy to make any adjustments that you desire. For future adjustments, we bill for the time required to make changes.

You may cancel your law firm analytics report subscription at any time by sending an email to firmmetrics@esquireinteractive. If you choose to cancel, you will no longer billed for any new monthly reports after receipt of your cancelation. The initial set-up payment is non-refundable.

FirmMetrics™ lawyer analytics reports are created on an individual basis, as numerous social media, Google, and other marketing accounts must be connected to generate ongoing analytics. Consequently, we put in significant up-front time setting up accounts and our comprehensive reports.