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Meet Jeff Lantz

Jeff is our esteemed leader, visionary, and all-around great guy (he pays us, so we have to say this).  In a former life, Jeff was a “big firm” corporate and securities attorney and general counsel.   Now he’s an author of two books (Internet Branding for Lawyers: Building the Client-Centered Website, and The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development Management), internet entrepreneur, and driving force behind ePRESQ™ and Esquire Interactive.

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CD Cover with Jeff Lantz, the CEO of Esquire Interactive

Director of Marketing & Analytics Desire'e Martinelli

Meet Desire’e Martinelli

Desire’e is our Director of Marketing & Analytics. She’s a fusion of a savvy business and IP attorney mixed with a bunch of quirks and a lot of creativity. Not only is she a sought-after voice in CLE and Bar Association circles, but she’s also a serial entrepreneur, constantly pushing the boundaries.

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Continuing Legal Education Speakers

Jeff and Desire’e regularly present in continuing legal education programs focused on a variety of newsworthy business & litigation legal developments.

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Bar Conferences

Bar Conference Speakers

We have delivered dozens of live presentations over the past decade on behalf of the American Bar Association, state bar associations, and numerous other legal and professional groups.


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Bar Association Partnerships

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Read Jeff’s book Internet Branding For Lawyers: Building the Client-Centered Website & learn about Jeff’s speaking engagements and how Jeff can speak at your next event.

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Featured CLE & Bar Association Presentation Topics

We can speak on these topics or other related topics, as your organization may desire.

washing machine with people inside. The words Google Ads are written on the front.

Stop Wasting Money: How to Maximize ROI on Google Ads

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why Using Google “Smart” Ads is Not Smart
  • Why It’s Critical to Use Negative Search Terms
  • Broad, Phrase, or Exact Match – What Strategies Should You Use?
  • Structuring Campaigns for Maximum Performance
  • What is Quality Score, Why It’s Critical to Lower Click Costs, and How to Get a High Quality Score
  • How to Set Up Conversion Tracking

CD Cover that says website accessibility. A door is open with the silhouette of a man

The ADA & Website Accessibility – Are You at Risk and What Should You Do Now?

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • The ADA and its Implications for Website Accessibility
  • Website Accessibility Case Law
  • What Are the WCAG Guidelines
  • What Tools and Techniques Can Be Implemented for Accessibility Testing
  • Best Practices for Website Accessibility
  • How to Build a Proactive Accessibility Strategy

CD cover with numbers and the words: Marketing with Analytics

Law by Numbers: Harnessing Analytics to Supercharge Your Legal Marketing

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Power of Data in Decision-Making
  • Introduction to Legal Marketing Analytics
  • How to Utilize SEO and Web Analytics
  • Social Media Insights for Law Firms
  • How to Optimize Client Acquisition with Predictive Analytics
  • Case Studies: Successes and Pitfalls

Lady with a Cat on a CD cover that says Awesome Branding

Branding Brilliance: Crafting a Magnetic Identity in Today’s Legal Marketplace

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Anatomy of a Brand
  • How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story
  • Why Client-Centered Branding Is Critical
  • How to Obtain Audience Engagement & Feedback
  • How to Leverage Digital Platforms to Build a Brand
  • How to Measure Brand Success

CD cover with a mixed tap that says social media for law firms

Get Social: Mastering Social Media Management for Law Firms

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Social Landscape for Legal Professionals
  • Which Platforms Are Best for Law Firms
  • How to Create Ethically Compliant Content
  • Crisis Management in the Digital Age
  • How to Understand and Use Analytics to Improve ROI
  • Social Media Tools and Tips

Woman with eyes covered and the words Alternative Legal Career on a CD Cover

How to Create an Alternative Legal Career

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to Redefine Success in the Legal Realm
  • Transferable Skills and Versatility
  • Opportunities in Business, Tech, and Beyond
  • Networking and Building Your Brand
  • Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change
  • Case Studies & Alternative Legal Careers

Past CLE & Bar Association Presentations & Publications

  • Attorney Credits CLE, September 8, 2023
    • The ADA and Website Accessibility – That ADA Plugin Won’t Protect You
  • Columbus Bar Association, November 16, 2022
    • The ADA and Website Accessibility – Are You at Risk, and What Should You Do Right Now?
  • Lawmatics, September 29, 2022
    • The ADA & Law Firm Website Accessibility: Are You at Risk?
  • State Bar of Maine Board of Overseers, June 29, 2022
    • The ADA and Website Accessibility – Are You at Risk, and What Should You Do Right Now?
  • Red Cave Legal (with Jared Correia), May 28, 2022
    • The ADA and Website Accessibility – Are You at Risk, and What Should You Do Right Now?
  • New England Bar Association, March 1, 2022
    • How to Create an Alternative Legal Career.
  • Hampden County Bar Association, December 9, 2021
    • Transforming Websites, Social Media, & Marketing After Covid – Creating a Client Generation Machine
  • Wisconsin Bar Association (2021 Solo & Small Firm Conference)
    • If You Aren’t Scared, You Should Be: Lawyers and the Dark Web, October 28, 2021.
    • Client Conversion after COVID: Transforming Your Website, Social Media, and Marketing Into a Client Development Machine, October 28, 2021.
  • American Bar Association (GP Solo Section), October 2021 Magazine
    • Build an Integrated Marketing Platform Using Your Website, Social Media, and Online Reviews.
  • Indiana State Bar Association Solo & Small Firm Conference – June 2017
    • One Month to a Supercharged Practice
  • Wisconsin State Bar Association Solo & Small Firm Conference – October 2015
    • Building a Client-Centered Website – What You Need to Know (and Do) to Turn Your Website into a Client Development Machine
    • 50 Tips in 50 Minutes
  • Washington State Solo & Small Firm Conference – July 2015
    • Creating a Client-Centered Website
    • Developing and Conveying Your Brand Through Social Media
  • Washington State Bar Association – The Successful Small Firm 2015 – 7 Ways to Improve Cash Flow – January 2015
    •  The Ethical Website – Creating an Effective Internet Presence While Staying on the Right Side of the RPCs, January 29, 2015
  • Lunch Hour Legal Marketing – 2014 Presenter  (LHLM is a joint effort from the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, Suffolk University Law School’s Advanced Legal Studies, the Chicago Bar Association’s Law Practice Management & Technology, and the Massachusetts Bar Association)
      •  Resonation to Revenue –  How to Transform Your Website into a Dynamic Client-Generation Tool – October 17, 2014
  • ABA Techshow 2014
      •  Ethics of Social Media Marketing – March 27, 2014
      • How Crowdsourcing Can Power a Lawyer’s Research – March 27, 2014
  • Washington State Bar Association – 8th Annual Solo & Small Firm Conference
    •  Building the Client-Centered Website – July 18, 2013
    • Developing and Conveying Your Brand Through Social Media – July 18, 2013
  • Legal Talk Network
    •  Competitive Branding and Website Development for Lawyers – May 10, 2013
  • ABA Book – Internet Branding for Lawyers: Building the Client-Centered Website
  • Indiana State Bar Association – 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference
    •  Ethical Advertising – Expanding Your Web Presence – May 31, 2012
    • Improve Client Service with a Client-Focused Website – June 1, 2012
  • ABA Techshow 2012
    •  Beyond the FAQ – Building Client-Friendly Websites – March 29, 2012
    • Beyond the Basic Website:  Proven Techniques to Expand Your Web Presence – March 30, 2012
  • National Chapter of Academy of Elder Law Attorneys – Arizona Chapter
    •  Ethical Requirements for Internet Marketing and Websites – September 2011
  • Attorney At Law Magazine – Southern Arizona Edition
    •  How to Write Website Content that Resonates with Clients – July 2011
  • Arizona Bar Association – 2011 Convention
    •  The Next Stage – How to a Make the Right Choice for You, and How to Make Your Right Choice a Success – June 16, 2011
  • Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis
    •  WordPress & Creating the Client-Centered Website – June 3, 2011
    • 50 Tips in 50 Minutes:  Best Marketing Practices – June 3, 2011
    • Strategy to Conversion – Developing New Clients through Branding & Internet Marketing – June 2, 2011
  • Arizona Attorney Magazine
    •  Converting Website Visitors Into Clients – June, 2011
  • Online Webinar for In-House CMO’s
    •  What GC’s Want to See on a Law Firm’s Website – January 27, 2011
  • New Orleans / Baton Rouge Law Marketing Association Chapter
    •  Social Media and the ABA Commission Ethics 20/20 Proposal – What Will it Mean to the Future of Law Firm Marketing? – December 7, 2010
  • Arizona Bar Association – Solo and Small Firm Conference
    •  Website Design, Content Management Systems, and Google Rankings –  November 18, 2010
  • CLE Presentation for Tucson Attorneys
    •  Generating New Business Online and In-Person – March 19, 2010
  • Texas Bar Journal
    •  Creating a Website that will Resonate with Prospective Clients – February 2010

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