SEO For Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers – What to Know

67% of the time users click on a link on the first page of the search results.

Firms with first page rankings get the vast majority of clicks and business; those not on the first page are usually not seen or considered.

We work with attorneys desiring basic SEO and social media for better rankings and brand enhancement to those committed to high rankings and serious client development through Internet marketing. 

We can help develop and implement a plan based on your needs and objectives.



Our SEO and Social Media Services are Customized around Your Needs and Budget

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Website Audit & On-Site Optimization – Find out if your site has serious technical issues
SEO Competitive Analysis Report & Recommendations – Learn what your competitors is doing so an effective, targeted SEO plan can be developed

Social Media Start Up – Increase your firm’s reach and use effective viral marketing to reach new clients
Local Search Listings – Get high rankings in search engine local business listings

Blogging – Convey expertise and increase search engine rankings
Video Marketing – Enhance your brand and connect better with prospective clients

Press Releases – Communicate important firm news
E-Newsletter Campaigns – Stay “top-of-mind” with clients and potential referral sources


What You Need to Know About SEO

  • High rankings start with an effectively-optimized website containing valuable content, and continue through ongoing content addition, social media participation, and contextual link building from influential sites.
    • We have achieved a high rankings for a number of firms based solely on having a highly-optimized website that not only achieves high rankings, but also appeals to website users.
    • If a website has already been developed, a comprehensive audit should be undertaken to identify any potential on-site SEO issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • Massive link-building programs don’t work, and will likely get a site penalized.
    • The link-building programs used in the past – seeking hundreds or even thousands of links from contextually unrelated sites – will be detrimental and can severely hurt rankings.
  • High law firm rankings are ALWAYS relative.
    • Achieving high rankings in a cost-effective manner requires identifying the high-ranking firms, understanding what they are doing to achieve high rankings, and developing a plan to out-rank them.
  • Choosing a bad SEO firm can cause irreparable harm to a website that cannot be undone.
  • Except for basic SEO/Social Media “starter” plans, Advance SEO should never be undertaken without a competitive analysis, and the development of a targeted plan based on a competitive analysis.
    • “One-size fits all” plans don’t work. The large companies that typically offer these plans have teams of people that run all clients through the same, expensive plans. Typically, these result in:
      • A lot of unnecessary work being undertaken, and
      • A lack of focus on the key work that needs to be undertaken
  • SEO does not have to be expensive, nor does it always have to involve long-term, high-priced SEO plans.
    • Formula programs don’t work.
SEO for Attorneys

Our SEO & Social Media Programs

Website Audit and On-Site Optimization

What it is – Review of a law firm’s website to identify fundamental and structural aspects that may require change for higher rankings.

Our law firm website audit consists of a qualitative and quantitative review of your firm’s website concerning the following:

  • Effective use of title and description tags on the content pages
  • Effective use of alt tags for images and links found on the website
  • File size of images used on website
  • Use of internal linking
  • Anchor text used for links
  • Number of broken links
  • Website architecture
  • Number of content pages
  • Website load time
  • Check for duplicate pages
  • Review of incoming links
  • Errors – such as 404 pages
  • Use of headings on content pages (h1,h2,h3)
  • Use and construction of website sitemap
  • Use of follow and no-follow links
  • Ability of search engine bots to effectively crawl your website

Once the critcal issues are identified, we can then develop a plan to fix those issues.


SEO Competitive Analysis

What is it – Comprehensive analysis of websites achieving high rankings undertaken for the purpose of developing a strategic, targeted, and cost-effective SEO Plan.

For law firms that desire high search engine rankings, we develop customized strategies for increasing search engine rankings, with the goal of out-ranking competitors.  In general, in order to “win” in achieving first page results on Google, it’s necessary to:

  • Identify key search terms prospective clients are likely to use based on the firm’s practice,
  • Identify the websites that are ranking highly for such terms,
  • Conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of each of the competing websites concerning on-site SEO:
    • website content,
    • number of pages,
    • site architecture,
    • use of h1, h2, and h3 tags,
    • use of internal linking,
    • use of title tags,
    • use of description tags,
    • use of alt tags for images and other media,
    • number of incoming links,
    • review of incoming links,
    • age of website,
    • whether the competing websites contain blogs (and if so the frequency by which they are updated),
    • whether the competing sites contain video,
    • whether the competing sites are on social media (and if so which ones and how often they are updated),
    • and many other factors to understand why these websites are receiving high rankings.
  • Once this information is known, an effective Search Engine Optimization Plan can be developed that is targeted to improving rankings in a cost-effective manner.

Local Search Marketing

What it is – Special business listings shown on the first page the search results in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

What we do:

  • Create local directory listings on Google+ Local, Bing Business Pages, Yelp, Hot Frog, Yahoo! Local, City Search, and Best of the Web
  • Local directory listings will be created to not only reinforce firm’s brand, but also optimized to promote the firms practice areas and geographic location. Where applicable, pages will include:
    • imagery to support firm’s brand,
    • images of firm office, attorneys and staff,
    • link to firm’s website, and
    • optimized, descriptive text promoting firm’s brand and practice areas
Social Media Startup

What it is – Basic Social Media to better establish a firm’s online presence and brand, and which also helps for SEO.

What we do:

  • Create firm social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
    • Social Media pages will be created to not only reinforce firm’s brand, but also optimized to promote the firms practice areas and geographic location. Pages will include:
      • imagery to support firm’s brand,
      • images of firm office, attorneys and staff,
      • link to firm’s website, and
      • optimized, descriptive text promoting firm’s brand and practice areas
  • Add images and text to the social pages to further promote the firm’s brand and practice areas
  • Add links to support firm blog postings (and, where possible, to have new blog posting titles automatically re-published)


SEO & Social Media Plan Development

What it is – Comprehensive SEO and Social Media Plan prepared according to firm objectives and specification.

What we do:

We  create an SEO & Social Media Plan to fit your firm’s needs and budget.  The plan may include items such as:

  • Additional social media creation, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and other social medial sites
  • On-site and offsite attorney blog plan development and other social media commentary
  • Video development for on-site and offsite usages
  • Social media commentary and postings, such as firm announcements, local community events, charitable events, recent victories, and new hires to the firm
  • Press releases


Blog Plan Development

What it is – Plan for blog development, including identification of blog objectives, syndication, and schedules.

What we do:

We create a Blogging Plan to fit your firm’s needs and budget. The plan may include, but not limited to:

  • Analysis of firm’s competitors blog postings
  • Create list of topics and schedule for blogging
Professional Copywritten Posts – Non-Legal Content

  • Posts are written on non-legal topics that are relevant to your firm’s practice area.
Attorney-Written Legal Blog Postings – General Legal Topics

  • Postings are written on topics that are specific to your firm’s practice areas.

An Example of a posting for a personal injury lawyer could include “How is Pain and Suffering Calculated?” or for a bankruptcy law firm “How is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Different than Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?”

Attorney-Written Legal Blog Postings Requiring Research

  • Postings written on topics that require research on court cases or a specific interpretation of the law.

Press Releases

What it is – Use of press release to promote important firm news, key victories and cases, and other noteworthy items.

What we do – We work with firms to:

  • Prepare list of topics for press releases
  • Create a yearly press release distribution schedule
  • Develop professionally prepared press release copy optimized for search engine purposes
  • Advise the firm on the selection of a press release distributor based upon the firm’s needs, objectives, and budget
  • Create a firm account with the distribution company selected
  • Upload press releases, schedule the same for distribution, and interact with distribution company selected
  • Upload press releases to firm website, and promote releases on social media
E-Newsletter Campaigns

What it is – Use of e-newsletters to stay “top-of’mind” and develop new clients.

What we do: We

  • Assist the firm with developing e-newsletter objectives
  • Work with firms to prepare e-newsletter topics based upon the objectives to be achieved
  • Advise firms regarding what e-newsletter distribution service may be best based upon their needs
  • Create and account selected e-newsletter distribution service
  • Prepare a schedule for distribution of e-newsletters
  • Upload e-newsletter distribution lists to service provider selected
  • Create custom firm template to be used for e-newsletters, with firm logo and other brand identification
  • Post e-newsletters on firm website
  • Post “teaser” information and links on firm social media accounts

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