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What Does Your Firm’s Brand Say About Your Firm?

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What Does Your Firm’s Brand Say About Your Firm?

While each law firm is unique, the default perception in the public is that law firms offering similar legal services are indistinguishable.  How can a person needing representation for a personal injury choose one firm over another when each firm promises to “deliver justice,” and when all  law firm websites and their logos all look the same?

While lawyers in the legal community may understand exactly how one firm differs from another, the public does not have this same information.

Effective Branding Results in New Business and Clients


More Business.  Use branding to explain why your firm is right for client needs so that they have a solid reason for choosing your firm.


Less Competition Around Legal Fees.  Clients are willing to pay more for your firm’s services if you are perceived to be the leaders and best attorneys for their needs.


Increased Client Loyalty.  By reinforcing that a firm is the leading legal counsel for legal needs, clients will be less inclined to want to use other attorneys for their matters.

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How We Create Leading Law Firm Brands

We undertake interviews with firm attorneys to carefully understand not only the areas in which the firm practices, but also the unique attributes of the firm and its attorneys.  We also want to understand that the clients that they firm seeks to attract, and how the firm may wish to evolve with respect to the practice areas and services that are offered.

Once this information has been prepared, we create a Branding & Identity Memorandum, which sets forth our ideas on positioning the firm, and the key messages to be conveyed, in part, through the website and in the branding collateral.  Upon approval we prepare multiple logo and collateral concepts, in addition to the website design and development (if we have been retained for these services).

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Translating Your Brand into an Effective Law Firm Website and Business Collateral

Once your brand is developed, business collateral is created, including a logo, business cards and stationery.  The branding – consisting of messages, images, and other aspects – is then conveyed into your firm’s one source of continuous marketing – its website.

  • The website must clearly convey the brand to prospective clients.
  • The website must be centered around CLIENTS, not your firm.
  • Your website should address the primary question that all clients have – what are you going to do for me?

We can work with your law firm and provide the insight required to create an effective brand for your firm. Call us today to learn more and get started!

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