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What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is a form of design whereby “blocks” of content are “stacked” when a website is shown on a smaller screen (such as a mobile sites or tablet screen), and “unstacked” when the size of the screen is increased (or when the site is viewed on a larger monitor). Content size is also modified.

Responsive design is done to fit screens ranging in size from mobile phones to large monitors.

Is a Responsive Design Right For Your Firm?

It depends upon the design and functionality desired.

In many cases, a responsive design may be preferable to a “non-responsive” design, but this should be determined in consultation with an experienced law firm responsive website developer. A responsive design should be taken into account at the outset of development, so that if a responsive design is desired, aspects that may not work well in a responsive environment can be avoided in favor of other aspects.

Responsive Law Firm Web Design

Do Responsive Designs Eliminate
Mobile Phone Development?


While a responsive design may look good in a smart phone, in most cases a pure (unmodified) responsive design will not be ideal for the following reasons:

  • A “pure” responsive design will typically be a stacked version of the home page, and in the case of a long home page, the “stacked” column of information will be unduly long for mobile phone users.
    • For firms with even moderate home page content, tabs can be added in the mobile version of the home page so that mobile pages are not overly long.
  • A “pure” responsive design typically will not present the information that users most want to see at the top of the home page, such as the firm’s phone number. Often, it will be desirable to include buttons to:
    • Call the firm
    • Get interactive directions to the firm’s website, and
    • Send a message or e-mail to the firm.

In many cases, responsive designs will require some modification to look better in mobile phones.

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