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Law Firm Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites for Attorneys

On WordPress

Mobile phone users typically have different objectives when viewing a law firm’s website on their phone compared to viewing the site on a desktop computer or even a tablet. Often, they want to easily call the firm, send a message to the firm, get office location information, or see a short attorney profile.

They typically don’t want to read long and detailed information on their phones, or to have to pinch and expand screens to find important information.

Our  Development

Our mobile website development for attorneys is focused on presenting the key information that clients and mobile phone users want to see high on the first page. This information includes buttons for calling the firm, seeing a map of the firm’s office location (and getting turn-by-turn directions to the office), and sending an e-mail to the firm.

Similarly, attorney profiles are maximized for mobile phone presentation. Profiles usually contain a large image of the attorney, icons that can be clicked to call the attorney directly or to send the attorney an e-mail, and links that can be clicked to see information such as admissions and education.

In addition to having a user-friendly presentation, our development also includes a “toggle” button at the bottom of all of the pages on the mobile version of the website. The toggle button can be clicked to switch between the mobile phone view and the “desktop” or regular computer of the website.

Mobile view of Reinisch Wilson website.

Our Development Includes

  • Home Page Design & Development Customization
  • Click to Call Button
  • Interactive Map Button
  • E-mail Firm Button
  • Toggle Button to Click Between Mobile & “Desktop” Versions of Website
  • Easy Drop-Down Navigation

If Your Firm Already Has a WordPress Website, Find Out How We Can Develop a Mobile Site for Your Firm!


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