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Custom Websites for Attorneys and Law Firms

Tired of Having an Underperforming Attorney Website that Doesn’t Reflect Well on Your Firm’s Expertise and Abilities?  We Can Help!


Over the past 14 years, we have built more than 150 custom attorney websites (no templates) for leading attorneys across the US in firms ranging from solo attorneys to those with more than 50 lawyers. As an attorney-led agency, we understand the practice of law, having worked ourselves as attorneys in both “big law” and small law firms, as well as in in-house and general counsel positions.

We create leading custom law firm websites that help law attorneys stand out from competitors and enhance their brand. In addition to using WordPress as our underlying platform, we have developed ePRESQ™, which integrates with WordPress, simplifying dozens of website aspects to make website management easy, even for those who have no coding knowledge.

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Our website packages are customized around the individual needs of each client and typically include the following:

All Websites built on WordPress with our Exclusive ePRESQ™ Attorney Interface

Responsive website design optimized for mobile phones

Key message development

Custom website design around your firm’s brand

SEO-optimized page content

Client-Centered Website Approach for content and message development

Strategic branding and image creation for high user resonation

Attorney brochure display which can feature tabs to display bio, education, admissions, and more

Comprehensive on-site SEO using strategic meta tag, linking, and page structure

Built-in SEO tools

Dropdown contact form

Custom image selection for all pages to easily change practice area and attorney profile images

Blazingly-fast law firm CDN hosting

24/7 minute-by-minute website uptime monitoring

Custom attorney-driven strategic advice from our CEO

Downloadable and printable map to firm office – make it easy for clients to find you!

Blog creation and integration – no extra charge!

Video inclusion – no extra fees to have video on your site!

XML sitemap – help search engines index your site more easily, especially when new pages are added.

Search engine submission

How Much Does a Custom Law Firm Website Cost?

LawSpace-MatchThe cost of a custom law firm website can vary significantly depending on a firm’s requirements.  In 2023, the cost for a fully custom website tends to start at around $15,000 for design and development.  This does not include matters such as SEO and content development.

At Esquire Interactive, we understand that every law firm has different needs and budgets. While our fully custom FirmPlatinum™ package offers a premium, unique online presence, we also provide more affordable website semi-custom options without compromising on quality.

Why Do Custom Law Firm Websites Cost So Much More Than Website Templates?

A custom law firm website will typically take around 40 hours for design and about 100-150 hours for development (including testing and content upload).  The more sophisticated the design, the more time required for coding and testing.

With many template websites, a firm will be stuck having the features that are built into the template. In most cases, if a law firm wants different functionality than is offered in the template, this will not be possible.

Want More Info About Our Law Firm Websites?

Click one of the links below for more information about our custom and semi-custom websites and the ePRESQ™ platform:

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Custom Lawyer Website Design FAQs

A custom attorney website allows a firm to create a unique and professional online presence that sets it apart from the competition. Custom websites are designed to showcase a firm’s expertise, services, and values in a way that resonates with its target audience. Custom websites also offer more flexibility in terms of functionality, enabling a firm to provide a superior user experience.

We use Adobe XD and occasionally other design solutions to create custom law firm websites, as well as Bootstrap to properly design sites so that they will be responsive (adjust to different monitor sizes).  The design process involves not only creating the “desktop” version of a website but, importantly, how the content for each page will adjust in different screen sizes (ranging from large external monitors to phones and tablets).

As a starting point for a law firm, we typically will create desktop and mobile designs for the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • Practice Landing Page
  • Individul Practice Page
  • People Page
  • Individual Attorney Profile Page
  • Blog Landing (Home) Page
  • Individual Blog Post Page
  • Contact Page
  • Menu
  • Pop-Up Banner
  • Landing Page (for Google Ads or Other Marketing)

Because we need to create at least desktop and mobile versions of each of these pages, we will need to create at least 22 different page designs. (In some cases, we need to create even more page designs depending on a client’s needs and requirements).

In the typical design process, we work closely with a client, show them the design for each page, and make any desired modifications.

Once the designs are all approved, the next step is the coding which typically takes 100-150 hours to create the HTML, incorporate WordPress and our ePRESQ™ coding, add all content (including text, images, PDF files, and video), and test the website in different browsers and monitor sizes.

The timeline for developing a custom law firm website can vary depending on the project’s complexity and your specific needs. Typically, a custom law firm website takes around two months or so to design and develop.

Yes, with our ePRESQ™ attorney interface, you can easily add new pages and update content on your website without any coding knowledge. However, our team is also here to assist with any updates if needed.

Yes, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services with our managed hosting services. This includes website hosting, managed updates, technical support, and more. Our goal is to ensure your website continues to serve your law firm effectively in the long term.

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