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Microsoft Clarity for Law Firms and Lawyers

Unveiling the Benefits of Microsoft Clarity for Law Firms As experienced website designers at Esquire Interactive, we understand the importance of providing our clients with the best tools to help their law firms succeed in the digital space. One such tool we’ve come across recently is Microsoft Clarity. In this article, we’ll explain what Microsoft

Law Firm Website Conversion

Ideally for a law firm, after a prospective client arrives on their website, a “conversion” will take place. A conversion occurs when the website visitor takes a specified action, such as completing and submitting a contact form or calling the firm. Learn more about conversion principles.

Google Analytics for Law Firm Websites

Evaluating Your Firm’s Website Your site looks great, and is full helpful content, but it’s not getting any traffic. How can you find out what’s going on? With Google Analytics, you can pull back the proverbial curtain and see exactly what’s going on with your website traffic, and learn what changes need to be made.

Law Firm Bounce Rate and Visitor Engagement

Law firm website bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who view only one page of a law firm’s website before leaving. It’s important to know what a law firm’s website bounce rate is, as this will provide an indication as to how engaging the website is, and correspondingly, whether website visitors are

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