How to NOT Lose Your Google Rankings During A Law Firm Website Redesign

How to Not Lose Your Google Rankings During A Law Firm Website Redesign

At Esquire Interactive, we’re not just experts in law firm website design; we understand how to ensure that a law firm’s website redesign doesn’t compromise its Google rankings. Over the years, we’ve seen many law firms eagerly launch their revamped websites, only to discover a significant drop in their search engine rankings, organic website traffic, and prospective clients. But with the right strategy and foresight, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Understanding the Importance of Google Rankings in Law Firm Marketing

For law firms in today’s digital age, Google rankings are much more than just a vanity metric; they are a lifeline to new clientele and a testament to the firm’s online reputation. When potential clients seek legal representation, they often turn to search engines as a first point of reference.

A high Google ranking not only places a law firm at the forefront of these searches but also instills a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of potential clients. Being prominently visible on search results indicates that a law firm is well-established, authoritative in its field, and trusted by many. In essence, a top Google ranking can be the deciding factor for a client choosing one law firm over another, making it a pivotal element in a firm’s digital marketing strategy.

Why Redesigning a Law Firm Website Can Affect Your Rankings

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When you redesign your website, many elements can change, from its structure and content to its back-end code. If not done correctly, these changes can disrupt the search engine’s understanding of a site, leading to a potential drop in rankings.

Using the Same URLs for High-Ranking Pages

One of the most effective ways to preserve Google rankings during a redesign is to maintain the same URLs for high-ranking pages. By doing so, law firms can ensure that the ‘link juice’ or the value passed from one page to another remains intact. It’s like moving to a new office but keeping your phone number the same, so clients can still reach you.

Implementing 301 Redirects

If you absolutely have to change a URL, it is vital to set up 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. This tells search engines that the page has permanently moved, passing on the majority of the ‘link juice’, helping to preserve Google rankings.

Other Key Considerations For A Law Firm Website Redesign

Apart from URLs, other factors play a pivotal role in ensuring attorney Google rankings remain unaffected:

  • Mobile Responsiveness. With the majority of searches now conducted on mobile devices, lawyers and marketing directors must ensure that a redesigned website is mobile-friendly.
  • Page Load Speed. Slow-loading pages can harm Google rankings. By optimizing images, utilizing browser caching, and considering a content delivery network, a firm can positively impact how quickly its site loads.
  • Quality Content. Ensure that the content on a redesigned site is of high quality, relevant, and provides value to visitors. Google prioritizes and ranks pages higher in the SERPs when they exhibit these characteristics, demonstrating the search engine’s commitment to delivering the most pertinent and valuable information to its users.

Trust the Law Firm Website Redesign Experts at Esquire Interactive

We have overseen countless law firm website redesigns, ensuring that each one retains or even boosts its Google rankings. Our experience, combined with our deep understanding of SEO, makes us the go-to choice for law firms looking to revamp their online presence without sacrificing their hard-earned search engine rankings.

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