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Does your firm's logo stand out from the crowd?

Your law firm’s logo design, business cards, and other collateral need to resonate with clients, and be consistent with the value proposition and services offered by your law firm.  They also should help differentiate your practice from competitors so that prospective clients want to hire your firm.

Whether your law firm serves leading corporate clients, injured individuals, or those in need of other legal services, we can create the right brand and collateral for your firm.

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The Attorney Logo Design & Development Process

If you want to be seen as the right firm for client needs, it’s important to develop a recognizable logo and brand that will convey this perception.

At the heart of a great law firm logo is the creation of a strong law firm brand.  A brand consists of the value proposition that your firm offers clients – the legal services you provide, the non-legal needs that you fulfill, and the associated fees that are charged.

A brand is conveyed through messages and images, in addition to collateral.  Ideally, brand messaging and a firm’s value proposition should be developed first – before a logo, business cards, or a law firm website are developed.  This process helps ensure that the logo, collateral, and website all encompass and enhance the messages and identity desired by the firm.

If a firm wants to position itself as a long-trusted corporate firm serving established businesses, the logo and collateral materials may be very different than a firm seeking to position itself as a cutting-edge boutique law firm serving start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

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Law Firm Branding and Website Development

In most instances in which we are undertaking both brand development and website development, we will want to develop the firm identity first, then the website artwork consistent with the firm identity, and lastly, the lawyer logo and collateral development (which will fit with the firm identity and the website artwork).

A law firm’s website and logo will be the primary and likely most-used way of conveying a firm’s brand, not only through the website itself but also across social media and even printed collateral (which should incorporate key website design aspects).

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Law Firm Logo Design & Business Collateral FAQs

A logo should clearly convey your firm’s identity, values, and areas of legal expertise. The logo should be distinctive, easy to understand, and professional. Color choices, typography, and symbolism all play critical roles in conveying the right message.

Does your firm want to convey the image of a traditional corporate corporate firm that has served businesses for decades? Or a cutting-edge law firm?

Do you have particular values that your firm wishes to convey, such as a commitment to the community or environment?

As law firm logo designers, we take the time to learn about your firm so that we can create a unique brand that will differentiate your firm from competitors and that will positively resonate with your targeted clientele.


A well-designed attorney logo is more than just an aesthetically pleasing symbol. Here are five essential qualities that contribute to an effective law firm logo:

  1. Simplicity: Logos should be easy to read and recognize, articulating a clear and discernable message. Avoiding too many fonts and excessive elements helps maintain focus and makes your logo more memorable.
  2. Distinctiveness: A logo that is unique and smart in its design elements – whether it’s a creative icon, a striking color combination,or unique fonts – is more likely to be remembered.  Long gone are the days when most law firm logos were simply the firm’s name in Times New Roman font.
  3. Versatility: Your logo should be versatile enough to work across multiple platforms, from desktop or mobile sites to social media ads and physical merchandise. This means it should look good and retain its impact at any size or setting.
  4. Compelling: Your logo serves as a first impression for prospective clients, so it needs to resonate and be easy to understand. It should appropriately reflect the nature of your law firm and convey forward-thinking ideas about what your business does.
  5. Competitiveness: An effective logo distinguishes your firm from competitors. While it should fit into the design framework of the legal industry, it should also push boundaries by introducing fresh ideas or improving on existing concepts.

We recommend avoiding cliché imagery such as scales of justice, gavels, and columns. While these are clearly associated with the law, they’re overly used and can make your firm appear generic. Remember – these are elements that resonate with us as lawyers – not with our clients.

Instead, the goal should be to create a unique logo that stands out from competitors.

Additionally, while intricate fonts may seem appealing, simple fonts are often easier to read, especially when your logo is scaled down for use on business cards or social media. Ultimately, a well-designed logo should be distinct, professional, and reflective of your law firm’s unique brand.

The design process for business collateral begins by understanding your law firm’s brand and target audience. We then create designs that reflect your brand identity, convey your firm’s message, and appeal to your target demographic. The design elements used in your logo will often be extended to your business collateral to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Business collateral can be used in a multitude of ways to promote your law firm. Business cards can be distributed at networking events, brochures can be provided to potential clients to explain your services, and digital materials such as e-brochures or newsletters can be emailed or shared on social media. All collateral should align with your firm’s brand identity for maximum impact.

Increasingly law firms are choosing to use san-serif fonts over serif fonts like Times New Roman.

Because san-serif fonts do not have the stylized “serifs” (a slight finishing off a stroke at the ends of many letters), san-serif fonts are more simple, and thus can tend to stand out more. As a result, many of the top national and international firms have chosen to change their logo to one using san-serif typography.