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Law Firm E-Newsletters

The Benefits of Using an Attorney E-Newsletter Company

Tailored Law Firm eNewsletters for Forward-Thinking Attorneys

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Attorneys considering e-newsletters can choose between using an e-newsletter company (such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp) or sending a mass e-mail. The benefits of an e-newsletter company over a mass e-mail are the following:

Ease of Creation

Attorney E-newsletters can be formatted much easier (and look much better) than e-mails, which are difficult to format well.

Legal Compliance

Most law firm e-newsletter programs automatically provide for opt-outs for legal compliance.


Unlike e-mails, lawyer e-newsletters provide valuable information about opens, forwards, undeliverables, and clicked links. This information can be used to learn what content is seen as helpful.

Better Delivery

ISPs have controls in place to stop mass e-mails from being sent or received. Reputable law firm e-newsletter companies have taken significant steps to be “whitelisted” with virtually all major ISPs. This ensures that there will be a much higher probability that your e-mail will be delivered.

Getting Started – The Keys for
Effective Law Firm E-Newsletters

Step 1: Choose the Best E-Newsletter Company

We work with Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and other leading e-newsletter providers.

Step 2: Create or Upload Your List

We can help create or upload your distribution lists in the format required by your e-newsletter company.

Step 3: Prepare Your Template

Templates can be easily created using pre-formatted templates or using a custom template.

Step 4: Create & Send e-Newsletters

We help law firms write and distribute e-newsletters.

After a law firm e-newsletter has been sent, it’s important to look at the statistics generated, including bounced (undelivered) e-newsletters, unopened e-newsletters, forwards, and links clicked. These can be used to update distribution lists and to better develop future e-newsletters.

Creating Effective Law Firm E-Newsletters

Law firm e-Newsletters must provide relevant or helpful content; otherwise, subscribers will begin opting out. The keys for effective e-newsletters are:

  • They should be short. An attorney e-newsletter should not take more than about 15 seconds to read.
  • They should provide links to website articles, blog postings, case studies, infographics, or other content for more information.
  • They should contain compelling topics around information relative to your clients. Example – “Read how the Smith case will affect mandatory arbitration clauses for Arizona employers.” The title of the link should be compelling enough for users to click to your page – don’t try to provide a detailed summary in the e-newsletter.

Creating Effective Newsletters for Law Firms

Staying in Contact with Clients and Potential Referral Sources

Weekly, monthly, or quarterly e-Newsletters can be sent to clients, friends, and acquaintances to keep your firm “top-of-mind” should they, or their friends or acquaintances, have a need for your firm’s services.

Esquire Interactive is a proud partner with Constant Contact.  We also develop e-newsletters for law firms on Mail Chimp, and can work with other providers, if desired. Both Constant Contact and Mail Chimp provide effective and inexpensive e-newsletter solutions to keep clients and other informed.

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Law Firm eNewsletter FAQs

Law firm eNewsletters are a powerful tool to regularly update clients on legal insights, firm achievements, and industry trends, fostering stronger client relationships.

eNewsletters for attorneys are specifically tailored with content relevant to the legal industry, ensuring that the information is pertinent, authoritative, and engages a legal audience.

Absolutely. Lawyer eNewsletters provide a consistent touchpoint with clients, showcasing your expertise and keeping your firm top-of-mind.

The frequency can vary based on your goals. Monthly eNewsletters for lawyers are common, but some firms opt for bi-weekly or quarterly, depending on their content strategy.

Yes. Customization ensures that your eNewsletters resonate with your audience and reflect the unique voice and expertise of your firm.

Case studies, legal updates, firm news, videos, and thought leadership articles are all effective content types for lawyer eNewsletters.

It’s essential to ensure that your eNewsletters for attorneys adhere to advertising and solicitation rules set by your jurisdiction’s bar association. As an attorney-led marketing agency, we pay special attention to ensure that all state ethics requirements are followed.

Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and engagement with linked content can provide insights into the effectiveness of your law firm eNewsletters.

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