Attorney FAQ/Q&A Videos

What Are FAQ/Q&A Videos?

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) law videos, sometimes referred to as Q&A videos, are an extremely popular and effective way for attorneys to convey expertise, provide information about frequently-asked client questions, enhance a firm’s image, and connect with clients (both on a firm’s website and on other social media).

We provide the full range of services for FAQ/Q&A Videos, including:

  • Strategic consultation to identify objectives to be achieved (such as conveying expertise)
  • Brand enhancement
  • Development of FAQ/Q&A items and suggest talking points for answers
  • Video editing, including sound and color enhancement, wrapper creation (opening and closing slides), and music integration
  • Video uploading to a firm’s website
  • Creation of YouTube and/or Vimeo accounts and pages
  • FAQ Video Details

    • The videos are usually 30 to 90 seconds in length.
    • Each video addresses a separate question or informational point of concern for a firm’s clients.
    • FAQ Videos contain an opening slide presenting the question, and a closing slide providing the firm’s contact information and a call to action.
    • Background music is often used during the intro and closing.
    • Typically about 10 videos can be filmed in an hour.


    Questions About FAQ Videos

    Are FAQ/Q&A Videos Scripted?

    No.  FAQ videos are designed to be an informal conversation between an attorney and a potential client.  Scripting can detract from the natural conversation and tone, which can be disadvantageous.

    We do, however, provide a list of the questions, and 2 or 3 suggested points that can be addressed during filming.  We can also provide a visual prompt for these points if desired.

    How Are FAQ Videos Filmed?

    The FAQ process is informal; we want to create a relaxed atmosphere as this helps attorneys perform at their best.

    Prior to filming, we review all of the questions and the 2-3 points to be addressed. Once the lighting and camera are set, we ask the questions and you provide the answers.  We will review each question and the 2-3 points to be addressed before you speak, so you don’t need to be concerned with memorizing all of the questions.

    We keep the camera rolling, and if there happens to be a mistake or if you are not happy with your answer, you can start over at any time.

    What If I’m Not Good In Front of a Camera?

    This is a common concern with many attorneys.  The fact is that most attorneys are very good in front of a camera, particularly when discussing their field of expertise.

    It’s important to understand that prospective clients don’t expect you to be Brad or Angelina.  They are looking for someone who they can trust, someone who has experience and expertise in their area, someone whom they can feel comfortable working with, and someone who cares about their matter.

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