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Testimonial videos are a powerful way to promote your firm to prospective clients.

Why Client Testimonial Videos Are Effective

Do you have clients who think you’re the best thing since sliced bread?  Why not let them tell the world about how great you are! Client testimonial videos can be paired with natural and engaging shots of you and your firm, or they can serve as a stand-alone video.

Why Would a Client Want to Provide a Testimonial?  What’s in it for Them?

Clients may truly be grateful for the time and hard work that you’ve devoted to their matter, and thus really want to help you out in any way that they can.

What if Your Client is Concerned about Memorizing a Script?

Similar to the FAQ videos we don’t use scripts for clients.  Filming is done with clients talking about their experience with the attorney or law firm, much in the same manner as if they were explaining their views to a friend.

Client Testimonial Ethics – Considering What May Be Said Ethically

Before filming a client video, you should first ensure that such a video is permissible under the ethics rules of your jurisdiction.  Assuming that testimonials are permissible, there are a number of aspects that should be considered, including the following:

Topics the Usually Are OK

  • Aspects of your services not related directly to the results achieved. For instance, clients can talk about matters such as:
    • How you were always available to answer questions,
    • How you worked tenaciously on their behalf
    • How well you and your staff treated them
  • Aspects that are entirely within your control. You can guarantee that you will work diligently for a client.  You can promise that you will return calls promptly.  You can assure potential clients that you and your staff will treat them well.

Topics that Usually Should Be Avoided

  • Statements that you are not permitted to make, such as “expert” claims. If you can’t ethically claim to be an expert in a particular area of law, you can’t allow your client to refer to you as an “expert” in a video and then post such video on your website or another site that you control.
  • Statements that can be construed as a guarantee that you will achieve a particular outcome or result.
  • Statements that potentially could breach a confidentiality agreement, such as the amount of money obtained. NOTE – even if you succeeded in winning a case for a client at trial (and thus there are no confidentiality constraints), ethics rules might suggest that a disclaimer be included to the effect that no guaranty can be made as to future results).

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