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Enhance Your Brand and Your Firm’s Leadership Position through Video

Show Prospective Clients Why Your Firm is Right for Them

Why Create Law Firm Overview Videos?

Law firm Overview Videos provide potential clients with information about the firm and why the firm is right for them. Effective law firm overview videos are generally 60-90 seconds in length and typically show:

  • Attorneys and staff interacting 
  • Attorneys discussing a case with a client (often someone standing in as a client)
  • The exterior of a firm’s office (so that new clients will know where to go)
  • An attorney talking about the firm (or a professional voice-over)
  • A firm client discussing their experience with the firm


Creating Your Law Firm Overview Video –
The Strategy Session


A 60-minute strategy session with our CEO is included with our overview videos.  The purpose of the strategy session is to learn about your firm and to discuss the key elements to be featured in your video, as well as who should be in the video. The strategy session then serves as a master plan for the video production.

Based upon the strategy session, the following are prepared:

  • A list of the scenes to be filmed
  • A list of the attorneys and staff to be included
  • The key questions to ask the attorneys
  • Suggested answer points in response to the key questions
  • Clients to be included (if a client testimonial is to be part of the video)

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Law Firm Overview Video FAQs

Usually not. Attorneys and clients usually come across much better if they are genuinely answering a questions or explaining about what they do, rather than reading from a script.  If a script is desired, we can work to have this prepare.

Law Firm Overview videos generally take 2-3 hours to shoot. We shoot a variety of scenes, which can include firm attorneys, client testimonials, and staff interacting.

A law firm overview video is a short film that provides potential clients with a snapshot of your firm. It includes information about your expertise, services, unique selling propositions, and even a glimpse into your firm’s culture. It’s a powerful tool to connect with prospects on a deeper level.

An attorney overview video can significantly increase your firm’s visibility. In the digital age, videos are more engaging and easier to consume than text-based content. They offer a unique opportunity to introduce your attorneys, highlight their expertise, and express your firm’s mission and values in a compelling way.

Esquire Interactive, with nearly two decades of legal marketing experience, can help you create a compelling law firm overview video. Our team of experts understands the nuances of the legal industry and can translate this into a video that resonates with your target audience.

We start with a strategy session to understand your firm’s unique strengths and objectives. Then, we work on scripting, filming, and post-production to ensure that the final lawyer overview video is polished and effective. Throughout this process, your input and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Absolutely. A professional law firm overview video company like Esquire Interactive brings industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise. We ensure that your video has high production values, communicates your message effectively, and attracts more clients.

The ideal length for a law firm overview video can vary depending on the content and the intended platform for distribution. However, as a rule of thumb, most law firm overview videos are typically between 2-3 minutes long. This duration provides sufficient time to present crucial information about the firm without overwhelming the viewer. Remember, the goal is to engage your audience and entice them to learn more about your services, rather than conveying every detail in one video. The team at Esquire Interactive can help determine the optimal length for your specific needs and goals.

Yes, absolutely! At Esquire Interactive, we offer comprehensive video services, including professional editing. If you already have raw footage for your lawyer overview video, our team can work with that. We’ll help with post-production processes such as editing, sound mixing, color correction, and adding graphics or text overlays to ensure your video is polished and impactful. We can also provide guidance on the content and structure of your video based on our nearly two decades of experience in legal marketing.

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