Successful Law Firm Video

Video Strategy – The Key to Effective Video Development

Successful Law Firm Video Requires Careful Strategy Development

With the advent of inexpensive video cameras and social media video sites, there is a tendency to believe that effective video can be done simply by turning on a camera, speaking for a couple of minutes, and then uploading the video to YouTube or other sites.  This is not the case.

Before pressing record, there are a number of questions that attorneys should consider, including:

  • What is the purpose of the video?

Purposes can include conveying expertise, demonstrating that the firm cares about clients, showing the “client experience” at the firm, or answering frequently asked client questions.

  • What is the best way of fulfilling the purpose for potential clients?

Video viewers typically want short, informative videos.  They don’t want to have to watch a long video in order to see the information that they are concerned about.

  • What is the best setting for filming the video to create resonation?

Depending upon the purposes of the video, the best setting may be in an attorney’s office, in a conference room, or multiple settings throughout the firm’s office.

  • Who should be in the video?

The people that should be in the video will also be dependent upon the purposes to be conveyed.  If the video is about showing the client experience, often a combination of office staff interacting with “clients” should be shown.

Our Strategy Session

We believe that all clients deserve a Video Strategy Session, as these sessions are critical to video effectiveness.

Strategy sessions normally last from 45 minutes to two hours, depending upon the amount of video to developed (more comprehensive video packages – such as firm overview, FAQ/Q&A videos, and attorney profile videos take longer than less comprehensive video packages).

Initial Questions

During the strategy session, we will want to understand matters such as;

  • The key practice areas to be focused on,
  • Who your primary competitors are,
  • How your firm differs from these competitors,
  • What do you believe the main factors are for your prospective clients in choosing an attorney,
  • What key messages should be delivered.

Developing a Strategy for Each Type of Video to Be Produced

In the course of the strategy session, after we have identified the issues noted above, we will want to develop a specific plan for each type of video to be produced.