law firm video

How Long Do Firm Firm Videos Take?

In almost all cases, law firm videos can be filmed in one day.

Overview Videos

Typically, a law firm overview video will take the longest time to shoot, and will depend upon factors such as the number of attorneys to be interviewed, the number of different camera shots required, whether any clients will be interviewed, and the other shots required.

For each scene, the videographer will need to set up the camera and lighting.  Scenes that involve attorneys or others speaking typically require a few minutes of preparation time to review the “do’s and don’ts” of good video (such as where to look).  Overview videos typically take from 2-3 hours in total to film.

Law Firm FAQ Videos

Attorney FAQ videos can usually be filmed very quickly.  Often, 20-30 videos can be filmed in the course of two to three hours.  Once the video process is started, attorneys typically are able to proceed through the questions fairly quickly, and the cameras keep rolling.  If mistakes are made, we will keep the camera rolling, and the videos can be edited in post-production.

Depending upon the number of FAQ videos to be filmed, the attorneys may want to take break to change clothes (which may require only changing a tie or coat for men, and similar changes for women).  Also, different locations may be desirable.

Attorney Profile Videos

Attorney profile videos typically take one hour to film.  Usually these include images of an  attorney meeting with clients, talking to clients at a conference table, and the attorney working at his or her office.