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We’re Number 1 – So Why Are We listed Number 126 in the Search Results?

Your law firm is well-known to be number one. You’ve got the best attorneys, all of whom graduated from prestigious schools, and the legal media consistently names your firm the best in your city. Why, then, does Google list your firm as number 126 and bury it on the thirteenth page of its search results?

Top 10 Website SEO Mistakes Law Firms Make

Search engines (such as Google) send “bots” to “spider” websites and web pages to determine what the sites and pages are about. In making this determination, the bots review the visible page content as well as the meta tags (header, description, and keyword tags, which provide information about what the website is).

How Long Do Firm Firm Videos Take?

In most cases, our law firm videos are filmed entirely in one day. See how we schedule filming for attorney videos.

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