PRISM Conflict Solutions Conflict Resolution and Ombuds Services for The Workplace

Prism Conflict Solutions is devoted to helping workplace leaders resolve current conflicts, and to providing training to help resolve future conflicts.  The firm provides confidential, independent, and impartial assistance to informally raise and resolve issues in organizations, conflict resolution consulting, and conflict resolution training.

We had previously been retained by the firm to build the law and mediation website for two of Prism’s principals. When they and other professionals formed Prism, we were engaged to build a logo, brand, and a website that would resonate with Prism’s clients, which include those in healthcare, biotech, manufacturing, public administration, and higher education. The finished product includes a multi-dimensional logo, and a focus on the value added by the firm’s services.

Esquire Interactive has been supporting our business for many years. We can’t say enough about the high quality of customer service, their responsiveness to questions and concerns, and their ability to help us keep our website current and secure.

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