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A Thorough Review of Your Online Competitors

A Competitive Analysis involves much more than identifying where your firm ranks in the search engine results pages.

It involves a comprehensive examination of the websites receiving top rankings for specified terms along critical criteria to determine the specific level of effort required to achieve high rankings for such terms. In other words, once we understand exactly what search engine efforts are being taken by competitors both on and off-site, we can develop a targeted, and cost-effective, strategic Law Firm SEO Plan based upon this understanding.

Review of Online Competitors


Using Competitive Analysis Information to Create an SEO Plan for Higher Rankings

Our Competitive Analysis starts with identifying the key search terms associated with your firm’s practice. We then use these terms to identify the firm websites listed on the first page of the Google results for these terms.  These website serve as the basis of our analysis.

Then, for each of these firms, we conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their websites with respect to:

Competitive Analysis Report

While we make use of various search engine tools and software, the vast majority of our work is done by hand, as this is the only way to get a solid qualitative understanding of the SEO work that must be done.

We then prepare a customized Competitive Analysis Report that contains proprietary charts and other information that we have developed which provide the critical information required to understand the competitive environment, and to take appropriate action. The Competitive Analysis Reports is also entirely prepared by hand – these are not automated reports.


SEO Rankings Are Always Relative

Getting high rankings is like winning a race – to win, you don’t need to be the fastest in the world, you only need to be faster than your competitors.

This same concept holds true with achieving high search engine rankings.

Rankings are determined based upon complex algorithms run by search engines (Google reportedly uses about 200 variables). When a search is run, Google will deliver a rank-ordered list based upon its algorithm.

Some website will always be listed first, even if the website owner has done little or nothing in terms of SEO. This is like a race with only one runner – it’s easy to win if your’re the only one racing.

In other situations the SEO rankings race will be highly competitive, with website owners who have engaged in significant SEO endeavors in an effort to win.


By engaging in a competitive analysis at the outset and understanding the level of effort being undertaken by those achieving high rankings, we can then create a strategic, targeted, and cost-effective SEO Plan for your firm. 


Find Our What Your Competitors are Doing for High Rankings and What Can Be Done to Improve the Rankings of Your Website

Client Review

Jeff is the ultimate in integrity and expertise. In designing my firm site, Jeff was involved and advised me every step of the way. As an attorney and law practice tech consultant, I have learned a lot about how I will conduct myself in the future by working with Jeff and his team. The design is great, and the end result is fantastic.

5 Star Review – Alan Klevan

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