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Our Blog Services

We write professional legal blog postings for attorneys and law firms to help engage users, convey expertise, and increase search engine rankings.  Ideally, law firm blog postings will assist in conveying to potential clients that you and your firm are right for their legal needs. All of our legal blog postings are:

  • attorney-written
  • fully optimized for search engine rankings
  • contain original content

We are not a mass blog company where one person writes a posting, and then the posting is slightly modified and distributed to numerous firms.

Lawyer blogs

Why Blogs Matter for Client Development

The Role of Blog Writing for Attorneys

Blog postings can play a significant role in new client development as they:

  • Help a firm’s website achieve higher search engine rankings
  • Allow attorneys to speak directly to prospective clients in an informal voice and to create the opening for a dialogue
  • Can be automatically re-published on other social media sites; and
  • Allow attorneys to showcase their knowledge and expertise.

Blogging for Client Development

Our Attorney Blog Writing Packages


Professional Copywritten Blog Postings Concerning Non-Legal Content

  • Posts are written on non-legal topics relevant to your firm, such as:
    • firm news,
    • community events, and
    • causes that your firm supports
  • Primary goals are to inform the public about the firm and the causes it supports and to help search engine rankings.

Attorney-Written Professional Blog Postings Concerning Legal Matters

Whether it’s a summary of the different chapters of bankruptcy law or a discussion about damages that may be compensable in a personal injury case, we can help.

  • Because these postings require legal knowledge concerning the practice of law, they are attorney-written; however, they require no or limited additional research to be undertaken.
  • The primary purposes of these postings are to provide useful information to clients about their matters, demonstrate attorney expertise, and improve website search engine rankings.

Professional Blog Postings Concerning Specific Cases or Subject Matters

These postings are written to update users, prospective clients, and current clients regarding specific areas of law that may be changing due to recent court rulings or legislative action.

  • They are generally written for professional audiences, such as in-house counsel or executives.
  • These postings require an attorney background to write and research the subject matter.

Cost – We would be happy to provide a custom quote determined based on the scope of the work desired.

DIY Blog Content Consultation

We Show You How to Get Started with Effective Blogging

We provide blog consultation services to show attorneys how to write blog postings the easy and effective way.  From identifying blog topics, goals, and sources of new content, we can show you how to blog in a way that helps enhance your firm’s brand and better connect with potential clients. Our blog consultation services include:

  • Identifying blog goals, such as how to create postings that will resonate with potential clients and showcase expertise
  • Developing a blog schedule
  • Creating a blog syndication strategy – how and where blog postings should be published to maximize the effectiveness of each blog, and how to connect social media sites to blog postings
  • Showing you how to create and optimize postings for higher search engine rankings
  • Review and make suggested changes on blog postings, if desired
  • Learning how to cite the blog postings of others. and other blog etiquette
  • Understanding how to write legal blog posts with a view to being cited by others (which will help search engine rankings)
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