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Maximize Your Legal Marketing While Minimizing Marketing Costs - Discover Fractional Marketing Management

When firms hire a fractional law firm marketing manager or law firm fractional CMO, they are not hiring one individual but accessing an entire team of legal marketing specialists without having the corresponding fixed fees and overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time marketing professional who will only have a limited skill set. Additionally, a fractional law firm marketing manager eliminates the need for paying overhead and other benefits, as your firm will pay only for the time used.

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The Esquire Interactive Law Firm Fractional Marketing Manager Difference

Both our CEO and Director of Marketing are attorneys.  Our combined experience includes:

  • Working at an AmLaw Top Firm as a finance and securities attorney
  • Working for one of the top 200 worldwide companies as a senior mergers and corporate attorney
  • Serving as the General Counsel of an Aerospace and Defense Contractor
  • Serving as the CEO for a Canadian publicly-held junior minerals exploration company
  • Serving as an intellectual property attorney

As an attorney-led marketing agency, we understand the legal profession, the demands, the terminology, legal marketing ethics, and, most importantly, your clients. Over the course of more than 18 years, we have worked extensively with more than 125 law firms across the US ranging in size from solo practitioners to those with more than 50 attorneys in a wide range of marketing matters, including website development, social media, branding, SEO, video development, print advertising, content creation, and other matters.

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Why Outsource When I Could Just Hire a Full-Time Law Firm Marketing Manager?

Our service offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time law firm marketing manager. Avoid the expenses of a full-time salary, taxes, and benefits by accessing our full team’s expertise, ready to craft and execute tailored marketing strategies for your firm’s unique needs. Benefit from flexible payment options, including hourly or fixed-time monthly billing.


The One-Stop Shop For All of Your Legal Marketing Needs

We are a one-stop shop for law firm marketing needs. As a full-service fractional marketing agency, we specialize in developing strategic, cost-effective marketing plans which include:

Choosing us means access to a diverse range of legal marketing professionals, offering broader skill sets than a single employee, without the expense of multiple hires.

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Fractional Law Firm Marketing Management FAQs

Fractional law firm marketing management is a cost-effective approach to marketing that allows attorneys and law firms to access top-tier marketing expertise on a part-time or contract basis.

This approach allows law firms to obtain a level of marketing expertise and a breadth of services that might be cost-prohibitive if sourced in-house. It saves on the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining a full-time employee. Instead, law firms pay for what they need, when they need it, and can draw on the experience and insights of a full marketing team rather than relying on a single individual.

Hiring a fractional legal marketing specialist or fractional CMO offers significant advantages:

  • Expertise: Access a team of marketing professionals experienced in diverse strategies tailored for the legal industry.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoid the costs of a full-time employee. Pay only for services you need when you need them.
  • Flexibility: Scale services up or down based on your firm’s fluctuating needs.
  • Goal-Oriented: Receive a customized marketing plan designed to boost visibility and generate leads.
  • Time-Saving: Free up your attorneys to focus on billable work and clients instead of trying to become a marketing expert in numerous areas.

Deciding between hiring an in-house law firm marketing manager or outsourcing your legal marketing depends on your firm’s specific needs and resources.

Hiring an in-house marketing manager can provide dedicated service and deep brand understanding, but it also involves costs like salary, benefits, and training. Further, a single individual may not have all of the skills needed for comprehensive marketing.

Outsourcing offers access to diverse skills and industry-specific expertise without incurring full-time employee costs. Fractional CMO agencies are flexible, cost-effective, and especially beneficial for smaller firms or those with variable marketing needs.

Evaluate your needs, resources, and long-term goals to make an informed decision. You may start with outsourced services, and as your firm grows, consider in-house hiring or a combination of both.

A fractional marketing manager is tasked with overseeing a company’s marketing strategy, brand message, and growth plans. They analyze market trends, develop marketing strategies, and provide guidance to the marketing team. They are involved in a variety of activities, such as content strategy, social media management, and customer experience enhancement.

At Esquire Interactive, we provide a strategic perspective, helping to align marketing efforts with each firm’s objectives. We can bring fresh ideas to branding and messaging, help to optimize marketing budgets and improve a firm’s overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness. With a fractional CMO, firms get the benefit of a seasoned executive without the full-time salary commitment.