Measuring your ROI

Measuring Law Firm ROI

Our strategic marketing is focused on new client development and high return on investment (ROI) programs.  We know that you have a choice in how to allocate limited marketing spend, and want to make sure that the money you do spend brings the highest return possible.

Internet marketing spend can be measured in a variety of ways depending upon the nature of the spend.


Website Statistics

Website statistics are extremely useful to track not only the number of website visits that a site receives but also the source of the traffic.  With our website statistics programs, law firms can easily see how many visits they’ve received, the source of the referrer (whether the user typed in the url directly, or came as the result of a Google search), the search terms used by the visitor (if applicable) and many other statistics.

In addition to these “server-level” statistics (which are derived from statistics programs installed on the server where the website is hosted), we also use Google Analytics, which is installed in the code of a website.  Google Analytics additionally provides information such as bounce rate, time on website, and information about user page visits.

Website statistics are important to help judge the initial effectiveness of a firm’s marketing program.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing ROI

If desired, more sophisticated methodology can be used to track, for example, whether pay-per-click programs are resulting in prospective new clients calling the firm.  Customized detailed analytics can be installed to track the path that users take on a visit-by-visit basis.

So, in the course of a marketing program, it’s possible to learn whether people clicking on a particular paid ad are visiting many pages of a firm’s website and ultimately calling (and hiring) the firm.

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