Using FirmReviews as a Competitive advantage

How to Use FirmReviews as a Competitive Advantage

Today, we’re all interested in checking out review before purchasing a product or service.  This applies whether we are buying a big screen TV or choosing which attorney to hire for our legal needs.  We want to see what others say about a product or service so that we can minimize risk and make the best choice for us.

Google Makes the Review Process Unavoidable

When potential clients are searching on Google for a lawyer, Google will often show a list of three law firms (or attorneys) in the Google My Business (or “maps”) section on the first page of the search results.  As a result, someone searching for “Chicago injury lawyer” is going to see a list of firms with ratings and reviews – there is not any way that this can be avoided.

As result, law firms that rely on developing clients from the Internet should consider seeking reviews from potential clients and optimizing their Google listings so that they can appear in this critical space.

What Are Potential Clients Looking for In Searching Attorney Reviews?

The top considerations typically include:

  • The number of reviews.  Statistically, it’s a lot more impotent if there are 50 reviews than 5.  The more reviews, the more likelier it is that the average review score represents the “true” review score (and not just a few friends leaving reviews).
  • The average rating.  Clearly, receiving all 5 star ratings will be much better than an average star rating of 3.
  • What do reviewers have to say about you?  The more detail that clients provide about how you served them, the better (as opposed to no review, or a short review like “good attorney”).

Using FirmReviews as a Strategic Advantage

Our FirmReviews platform automates much of the review solicitation process.  Once email addresses are upload, emails can be sent from a firm email address to clients, asking if they had a positive (thumbs-up) or negative (thumbs down) experience with the firm.  If they have a positive experience (and click on the thumbs-up icon), they are then taken to the firm’s Google page where a review can be left.  If they had a negative (thumbs-down) experience, they are shown a message asking if they would like to contact the firm to share their experience.

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