Twitter for Attorneys

What Can Attorneys Tweet About?

Leading the Conversation and Establishing Expertise through Twitter

Twitter “tweets” can be used to convey expertise, connect with potential clients, and be seen as a leader in your firm’s practice areas.

Because tweet are limited to 140 characters, they can be done quickly. You can post simple messages, links to other sites (using shortened URLs), post about important “trending” topics by putting the # symbol in front of the subject, or even carry on conversations with other Twitter users by putting the @ symbol in front of their name.

What Should I Tweet About?



Is Twitter Helpful for Lawyers?        

A firm can tweet about a wide variety of subjects. A few examples might include:

  • In the news: Can you recover for for pain and suffering in a workers’ compensation lawsuit?
  • Discussing our thoughts on #Prop9 at today’s luncheon. 
  • Let’s give a warm welcome to Katherine Smith, bankruptcy paralegal with 20 years experience, who joins our team this week!
  • Join Smith, Wilson, & Price LLC on Saturday the 7th as we help build a new Habitat for Humanity home!


How Can Twitter Be Used by Attorneys for New Client Development ?

The possibilities are endless. Since it only takes a few minutes to create and share a new tweet, you can keep the public up-to-date on firm news, engage in discussion with the online legal community, and provide fresh, search-engine-friendly content on a regular basis.

Twitter is also an excellent way for attorneys and law firms to stay up to date on the latest changes or court rulings in regards to their practice. Not only can attorneys use Twitter for gathering legal information about practice area developments, they can also share their opinions and provide updates on the law to current and prospective clients. By actively tweeting about the latest court rulings or how changes in your area of law may effect your clients, lawyers and law firms can be seen as an expert (even though the state bar may not allow that term), thus being seen as the right firm for prospective clients.

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