Snow Christensen & Martineau Utah Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Snow Christensen & Martineau is a leading full-service Utah law firm that has been serving businesses and individuals for more than 130 years.

We were contacted by the firm for a complete website redesign and development to create a website that is unique and user-friendly, with a focus on the expertise and experience of firm attorneys, and the many areas in which the firm practices.

We created a custom website with interchangeable sections on the home page where users can easily search for attorney and practice areas, including unique search by name functionality where the results list automatically updates as letters are entered (to see this functionality at work, please visit – We also created unique functionality to feature blog posts.


Kelly and Jeff at Esquire Interactive are great to work with. They’re flexible, patient and accommodating. They take the time to listen to what we want and make it happen.

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