Ressler & Tesh Washington DCYF/DSHS/CPS Foster Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

As Washington DCYF/DSHS/CPS foster abuse lawyers, Ressler & Tesh initiates litigation against the State of Washington on behalf of those who have suffered horrific abuse and neglect as the result of the failure by the state to protect them.  The firm represents those who have been starved, severely beaten, locked away, repeatedly raped and sexually molested, and the families and loved ones of those who have died as the result of state negligence.

We were retained by the firm to develop a new logo and branding, and to design a website focusing on how the firm is tenacious in representing clients who have suffered greatly as the result of the failure of The Washington Department of Social and Health Services, CPS, and Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families to protect children.  We are proud that the firm has been able to win landmark cases in their representation of clients, including a $19.3 million settlement against DSHS (the largest single settlement against DSHS) in a case involving the beating of an 18th month old child left brain damaged, blind, and quadriplegic.


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