Browning Kaleczyc Berry & Hoven Montana Business, Litigation & Estate Planning Lawyers

Browning Kaleczyc Berry & Hoven is a long-time full-service law firm with four offices in Montana.  The firm serves business clients in a wide variety of matters, including real estate development, business transactions, and business litigation. The firm is particularly well-known for its significant experience in virtually all aspects of medical malpractice defense. Additionally, the firm represents individuals in matters including estate planning, divorce and family law, and many other areas.

We were tasked with creating a new brand, messaging, and website content for the firm. In addition to re-developing the firm’s logo to resemble an old west imprint from a branding iron, we also created an extremely user-friendly navigation with the ability for website users to easily access any of the main website pages from a large menu presentation. Additionally, we created several dozen practice overview and FAQ videos to help provide additional information to prospective clients about the firm and its services.



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