LinkedIn for Attorneys & Law Firms For New Client Generation

LinkedIn Networking for Law Firm Client Development

Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Law Firm Brand

LinkedIn attorney networking provides a tremendous opportunity for law firms to engage in professional social networking with other lawyers, potential clients, and potential referral sources. Because of the exponential nature of connections, attorneys and law firms use a number of LinkedIn features to expand their reach dramatically.

How is LinkedIn helpful for Lawyers?

How Can You Use LinkedIn for New Client Generation?

As with all networking, LinkedIn is about developing connections first and then presenting information that you want them to know about your services.  Unlike in-person social interaction, with LinkedIn, there is no awkward presentation of telling someone about your key professional accomplishments without being perceived in an unflattering way.  In fact, people go to LinkedIn to find out about the great things that an attorney has accomplished to determine whether the attorney should be hired.

Take this opportunity to tell the world about what you’ve accomplished, awards you’ve won, and other matters that will convey both your experience and expertise.

Interact With Your Peers

In addition to keeping up-to-date with your connections, the primary social feature of LinkedIn for attorneys is the “group” feature. These are informal associations that you may join based on a particular, usually career-related subject, such as the “Brain Injury Litigation Network” or the “The Wired Bar.” Users may start or contribute to discussions, ranging from comments on current legal developments to requests for recommendations for service providers. By posting in groups relevant to your practice area(s), you can develop valuable business contacts and establish a positive reputation.

Increase your personal professional network and make valuable contacts, which could lead to increased referrals and new opportunities.

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LinkedIn Marketing for Attorneys FAQs

LinkedIn for lawyers is a dedicated use of the professional networking platform LinkedIn by attorneys, legal professionals, and law firms. It offers a space to connect with peers, potential clients, and industry leaders, as well as a platform to share professional insights and accomplishments.

LinkedIn networking can be a powerful tool for attorneys. With over 90% of attorneys and law firms active on the platform, according to the American Bar Association, it provides an opportunity to network with other professionals, establish thought leadership, and attract potential clients.

LinkedIn marketing for law firms involves using LinkedIn’s features and tools to promote the firm, build brand authority, share insights, and connect with potential clients. Tools like InMail, with its 300% higher open rate than standard email, can be especially effective for reaching out to potential clients.

Effective LinkedIn marketing for lawyers can include regularly publishing insightful written or video content, participating in LinkedIn groups related to your practice area(s), optimizing your profile for search visibility, utilizing LinkedIn’s InMail feature for direct outreach, and consistently sending out the maximum weekly connection requests, potentially broadening your personal, professional audience, as well as your firm’s reach.

LinkedIn hosts more than 150 million U.S. professionals. As such, LinkedIn marketing for lawyers can be an effective way to secure more clients.

Yes, it’s generally beneficial to maintain both an individual LinkedIn profile and a separate profile for your law firm.

An individual LinkedIn profile allows a lawyer to showcase their personal achievements, qualifications, and experience. It’s an opportunity to network with other professionals on a one-on-one basis, establish thought leadership through articles and posts, and engage with content from connections and groups.

A law firm profile, often known as a LinkedIn Company Page, serves a different purpose. It’s a platform to highlight a law firm’s achievements, services, team members, and culture. It allows firms to post updates, share insights relevant to practice areas, and showcase testimonials or case studies. A LinkedIn Company Page also enhances the overall visibility and credibility of a firm.

LinkedIn generally limits connection requests to roughly 100 per week. We highly recommend that attorneys and legal professionals send out the maximum number of weekly connection requests to increase their reach.

The number of impressions a LinkedIn post receives can be influenced by several factors:

  • Quality of Content: Posts that are engaging, relevant, and offer value to your connections are more likely to be viewed and shared, thus increasing impressions.
  • Use of Visuals: Posts with images, videos, or infographics typically receive more engagement and, therefore, more impressions than text-only posts.
  • Posting Time: The time you post can also impact impressions. Generally, posting during times when your connections are most active on LinkedIn can lead to more impressions.
  • Hashtags and Mentions: Using relevant hashtags makes your posts more discoverable, leading to more impressions. Also, mentioning other users or companies can expand your reach if those mentioned engage with your post.
  • Engagement: The LinkedIn algorithm tends to favor posts with higher engagement (likes, comments, shares) by showing these posts to more people.
  • Post Frequency: Regularly posting on LinkedIn can increase your visibility and reach over time, resulting in more impressions.
  • LinkedIn Algorithm: LinkedIn’s algorithm plays a significant role in determining how many people see your post. It considers many factors, such as the relevance of your post to your audience, your past relationship with your viewers, and the overall engagement of your post.

Creating a LinkedIn profile or Company Page for your law firm is free. LinkedIn does not charge fees for setting up a profile or Company Page, and you can post updates, share news, and engage with other users at no cost.

However, LinkedIn does offer paid features, such as LinkedIn Premium and various advertising options, that can help enhance your visibility, access in-depth analytics, or help with lead generation. These features come at different price points but are optional and not required to create and maintain a LinkedIn profile or Company Page.

A LinkedIn Company Page is about promoting the law firm as a whole, while an individual attorney profile is about showcasing the professional achievements, skills, and network of a specific lawyer. Both are important and work together to enhance the overall presence of lawyers and their firms on LinkedIn.

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