Attorney Networking and
New Client Generation

LinkedIn for Attorneys

LinkedIn provides a tremendous opportunity for law firms to engage in professional social networking with other attorneys, potential clients, and potential referral sources. Because of the exponential nature of connections, attorneys and law firms use a number of LinkedIn features to dramatically expand their reach.

How is LinkedIn helpful for Lawyers?


How Can You Use LinkedIn for New Client Generation?

As with all networking, LinkedIn is about developing connections first, and then presenting information that you want them to know about your services.  Unlike in-person social interaction, with LinkedIn there is no awkward presentation of of telling someone about your key professional accomplishments without being perceived in an unflattering way.  In fact, people go to LinkedIn to find out about the great things that an attorney has accomplished in order to determine whether the attorney should be hired.

Take this opportunity to tell the world about what you’ve accomplished, awards you’ve won, and other matter that will convey both your experience and expertise.


Interact With Your Peers

In addition to keeping up-to-date with your connections, the primary social feature of LinkedIn is the “group” feature. These are informal associations that you may join based on a particular, usually career-related subject, such as the “Brain Injury Litigation Network” or the “iPad Attorney.” Users may start or contribute to discussions, which may range from comments on current legal developments to requests for recommendations for service providers. By posting in groups relevant to your area of practice, you can develop valuable business contacts and establish a positive reputation.

Increase your personal professional network and make valuable contacts, which could lead to increased referrals and new opportunities.

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