Facebook for Attorneys & Law Firms

Facebook (aka Meta) for Lawyers & Law Firms

How Can Law Firms Use Facebook Effectively?

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is not only a leading social media opportunity, it’s also a leading search engine, which can (and should) be used by attorneys. For many law firms representing individuals in matters such as personal injury, it is important to understand that prospective clients may likely be searching for the firm’s services on Facebook. Having an optimized page and URL will further support firm marketing efforts. In an increasing number of situations, attorneys are getting clients directly as a result of their law firm’s Facebook marketing efforts.

Promote Your Brand

With nearly a billion users, Facebook is one of the Internet’s top websites. Facebook use, however, is not limited to connecting with friends. Today, nearly all of the world’s major brands have Facebook pages, which are often used to provide important product information and to promote the brand.


Promote Your Law Firm Brand with Facebook

What Can You Put on Your Firm’s Facebook Page?

  • Announce firm news, such as new practice groups and attorneys
  • Support community issues that the firm and its attorneys care about
  • Provide general information about the law
  • Link to blog postings
  • Include video to enhance firm and attorney branding
  • Announce client victories (if permissible)

Our Facebook Marketing Services for Law Firms

Setting up a Facebook page for your law firm is a great way to publish more information about your firm online and be seen by potential clients.


  • Create Facebook Business Page
  • Obtain SEO Facebook URL (if desired)
  • Upload header images consistent with firm brand
  • Add firm contact information and links
  • Optimize and upload firm and attorney images


After a Facebook business page has been created, it’s important to keep the page current with periodic postings (we recommend at least one new posting every two weeks). Postings can reference firm news, link to website blog postings, or support general community events.

We can create a Facebook maintenance schedule around your firm’s needs and budget.

Creating an Effective Law Firm Facebook Page

A well-crafted fan page can provide additional information and service that cannot be included on a traditional homepage, since it differs from a static website in several important ways:


Clients may make posts on your wall or comment on things like links and pictures. This helps clients to feel that they can communicate easily with the firm, and it is possible to develop a relationship before the client even picks up the phone or comes in to the office.


Because Facebook is generally perceived as a more casual social-networking hub, a firm may decide to post items such as pictures from a Friday potluck or a link to the homepage of a local charity that one of the firm’s attorneys donates time to.


When a user becomes a “fan” of your firm’s page, this action will be seen by all of the user’s contacts. Since the average user has about 130 Facebook friends, a single “like” provides a lot of exposure. If even a few of a single user’s contacts decide to “like” your firm’s site as well, your exposure will grow exponentially.

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Facebook Marketing for Lawyers FAQs

Lawyers should post relevant, valuable, and engaging content, which could include repurposed blog posts, videos, podcasts, and reposted content from similar law firms or reputable media sites. Writing clear, concise captions with a clear call to action is also essential. At Esquire Interactive, we have experts who can help you with this.

Behind-the-scenes content humanizes your law firm and fosters engagement. Sharing photos of office life, events, or associations your firm is part of, can set you apart from competitors. At Esquire Interactive, we can guide you on how to create a unique brand personality.

Yes, humor can make your content more engaging and memorable. However, it must be relevant, fit your brand’s messaging, and not be offensive. Our team at Esquire Interactive can help guide you on incorporating humor appropriately.

Optimization includes maintaining a social media calendar, setting goals, tracking results, increasing visibility, updating essential information, and appointing a community manager. Building relationships with local businesses can also benefit your law firm. At Esquire Interactive, we can help you with all aspects of Facebook optimization. Request a free consultation by filling out the form below.

Yes, you can feature multiple locations on your Facebook page. Facebook allows businesses to include additional office locations in their page settings. Here are the steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Page and click on “Settings.”
  • Find and click on “Page Info.”
  • Locate the “Location” section.
  • Click on “Additional Location Details.”

Here, you can add information about your various locations. This can be particularly helpful if your law firm has multiple offices, as it allows potential clients to find the location nearest to them.

Yes, posts with images or infographics tend to get significantly more engagement. This can include your own photos or stock images.

The ideal size of your law firm’s Facebook marketing videos depends largely on the format and placement of your video. Different placements such as in-feed, stories, or in-stream, have varying aspect ratio requirements.

According to Facebook’s official guidelines for video ads on this page: Video Requirements, here are some specifications you should follow:

  • Aspect Ratio: Square (1:1), Vertical (4:5), or Landscape (16:9 or 1.91:1).
  • File Size: Up to 4GB max.
  • Length: Videos must be less than 241 minutes long. However, the most effective video ads are usually around 15 seconds long.
  • File Format: Most file types are supported, but MP4 is recommended.

Bear in mind that the optimal video dimensions may vary depending on where the video is intended to be placed (In-feed, Stories, etc.). Always make sure to check the specific requirements for your chosen video placement before you start creating your video.

Facebook fatigue refers to the overwhelming sensation users experience due to an excess of information and advertisements on social media platforms, including Facebook. This phenomenon can negatively impact Facebook marketing for attorneys, as potential clients may already feel saturated with content before they even encounter your law firm’s ad.

This saturation can pose a challenge for your firm’s brand, as users may feel too overwhelmed to engage with your content. To combat Facebook fatigue, it’s important to create engaging, personalized content that can connect more deeply with your audience.

Additionally, varying the density of your content is recommended. Not all users have the time or inclination to read long-form content, even if it’s well-crafted. By delivering a mix of short, medium, and long content, you’re more likely to engage a wider audience and keep your content fresh and appealing.

Both the caption and the ad material are important places to include a call-to-action (CTA) when creating Meta ads (aka Facebook Ads) for attorneys.

The ad material, which includes the image or video and the headline, is the first thing users typically notice. Placing a clear and concise CTA here can quickly convey your main message and compel users to take immediate action.

However, the caption or post text also plays a significant role. It provides additional context and details about the ad and can be used to reinforce the CTA presented in the ad material. Including a CTA in the caption can be particularly effective for those users who look for more information before deciding to engage.

At Esquire Interactive, we believe strongly in the power of Facebook as a marketing tool, especially for attorneys. Here’s why hiring us as your Facebook marketing specialists can be a game-changer for your law firm:

  • Deep Expertise in Facebook Advertising: Our team at Esquire Interactive has honed its skills in Facebook advertising over years of managing campaigns for attorneys and law firms. This specialized knowledge allows us to craft highly effective, targeted campaigns that resonate with your potential clients.
  • Efficient Time Management: We understand that as legal professionals, your time is valuable and often stretched thin. Managing a successful Facebook campaign involves careful planning, ongoing adjustments, constant monitoring, and timely responses. By entrusting these tasks to us, you’ll be able to focus more on your clients and cases, knowing that your marketing efforts are in experienced hands.
  • Personalized Strategy Development: Each law firm has its unique strengths and focus areas. We at Esquire Interactive take the time to understand your firm’s specific needs and goals. With this information, we design personalized Facebook marketing strategies that highlight your expertise and reach out to your ideal potential clients.
  • In-Depth Analytics and Adjustments: As your Facebook marketing partners, we don’t just set up your campaigns and leave them. We continually monitor the performance of your ads, analyze the metrics, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance and maximum ROI.
  • Full Compliance with Legal Advertising Rules: We are well-versed in the rules and regulations surrounding legal advertising. We ensure that all your Facebook advertising activities are in compliance with the respective state bar’s rules, keeping your firm’s reputation intact and avoiding any legal complications.

With Esquire Interactive, you can be confident that your Facebook marketing is being handled by a team of professionals who understand not only the intricacies of Facebook advertising but also the unique needs and challenges of marketing for attorneys.

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