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Wordfence – Plugin to Better Protect Your WordPress Website Against Hacking

Not much is sure in life except death, taxes, and website hacking attempts. Fortunately, in addition securing your WordPress site with sophisticated passwords, there are security plugins that can offer additional levels of protection. One of our favorite security plugins is Wordfence ( – the full list of features can be seen at this site).

The Coolest 404 Error Page of All Time

A 404 error page (also referred to as a "page not found") is the default page that that appears when a website page does not exist or cannot be found. Leave it to the Rolling Stones to come up with the coolest 404 error page ever.

Why We Chose WordPress as Our Development CMS

In considering the best Content Management System (CMS) platform for attorneys, we had two choices.  We could build our own CMS platform (like a few of our competitors), or we could develop websites on an Open-Source CMS that has been developed and tested by top developers around the world, used in millions of websites and

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