Why Law Firm Video?

Develop New Clients, Enhance Firm Branding, and Generate Higher Google Rankings

Successful Law Firm Video Requires More Than Good Videography

With the advent of inexpensive video cameras and social media video sites, there is a tendency to believe that effective video can be done simply by turning on a camera, speaking for a couple of minutes, and then uploading the video to YouTube or other sites.  This is not the case.

It requires strategic planning to ensure that video is developed around prospective client needs, communicating attorney and firm expertise, messaging to enhance firm branding, video search engine optimization, and a targeted video syndication plan.

Professional Video Generates 4x – 7x More Engagement & Response Rates from Potential Clients

Where Can Our Firm’s Videos be Shown?

Video Sharing Websites


Developing Distribution & Placement Schedules

At Esquire Interactive, we develop a comprehensive plan to syndicate videos throughout a number of website and client platforms, including:

The Distribution Schedule

In addition to determining where videos will be placed, the second aspect of syndication is determining the schedule for video placement.  The specific schedule will be a dependent upon aspects such as the types of the videos produced and, for FAQ/Q&A videos, the number of videos that are produced.

For maximum SEO video benefit, search engines often like to see ongoing additions to websites, such as new videos uploaded routinely over a number of months, rather than many videos added at once followed by many months of no new videos.

The Placement Schedule

We work with law firms to develop optimal strategies for creating and distributing video to their websites and to social media.  Whether you need help turning your self-shot video into quality video that can be distributed, or you would like us to develop a professional video package for you, we can help.

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