Marc Matheny Law OfficeEstate Planning, Probate Administration & Civil Litigation

Indiana Attorney Marc Matheny has been providing dedicated legal services to clients for decades in the areas of estate planning, commercial litigation, and civil litigation since 1980.  His civil litigation practice is focused on business disputes, will and probate contests, and a variety of other matters.  Mr. Matheny also serves as mediator in a range of commercial and family law disputes.

The firm retained us to build a unique website that would highlight its practices. In particular, our role was to emphasize that clients will work with Attorney Matheny 100% of the time, as he does not employ other attorneys or staff. We created an elegant website that showcases Mr. Matheny’s practice approach and the matters that he handles.

Jeff Lantz has been designing and hosting my website for ten years. I am very happy with the appearance and the content of my site. I would recommend Esquire Interactive to all my colleagues and other attorneys.

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