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Why We Chose WordPress as Our Development CMS

In considering the best Content Management System (CMS) platform for attorneys, we had two choices.  We could build our own CMS platform (like a few of our competitors), or we could develop websites on an Open-Source CMS that has been developed and tested by top developers around the world, used in millions of websites and blogs, and is free for our clients.

An Open-Source CMS was clearly the better alternative for our law firm clients.  After evaluating several Open-Source platforms, WordPress emerged as the best option for our clients. Here’s why:

  • It’s been built, tested, and is continuously improved upon by top developers all over the world
  • It’s free– there are no license fees
  • It’s used by top companies, universities, and organizations – over 70 million sites are powered by WordPress
  • There are more than 30,000 plugins that have been developed for WordPress which have been downloaded more than 700 million times.  These plugins include those for Google Analytics, video, e-newsletters, search engine friendly link building, slide-shows, and more
  • Virtually any type of website functionality desired can be included on a WordPress site.

WordPrESQTM – The Extension of WordPress for Law Firms

Choosing WordPress as our CMS platform was not the end of our decision. Once we chose WordPress, we wanted to create a robust solutions that attorneys and their staff could easily manage without expensive developer help or website coding knowledge.  Specifically, we wanted to develop a solution that could be integrated with WordPress to:

  • Easily add and modify attorney profiles, so that key profile items (Education, Admissions, and Practice areas could be easily formatted).
  • Add new attorney images,
  • Add practice areas “on-the-fly”, and be able to associate attorneys with different practice pages,
  • Create functionality for firms with multiple offices, to display attorney images and attorney names automatically with each area.

As the result, we created WordPress to provide law firms with the robust functionality required to easily manage their websites.

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