Client Resonation and Message Development

Website messages that work

In general, studies show that a website must positively resonate with a user within approximately 10 seconds or so in order for the user to make a conscious decision to invest more time on a website to learn about the products or services offered.  If a positive resonation does not occur within this time, users typically click the “back” button on their browser and go back to the next website on the search results page.

Because this limited time is not sufficient for users to read detailed text, resonation must be created through other means – a clean website layout, the use of appropriate colors and fonts, and – perhaps most importantly – images and messages that appeal to the website user.

Detailed home page text is not as effective as simple images and messages

As a result, our law firm websites are designed first to engage prospective clients through images, messages, website layout, slide-shows, and other aesthetic elements.  Once this engagement occurs, prospective clients will then be in the mindset to want to read more detailed information about how a firm will help them with their legal needs.

Effective website messages tend be short and reinforced through powerful images, much like good magazine ads.  They are developed around how the firm will fulfill client needs, and conveyed in a way that will strongly resonate with prospective clients.  Ultimately, these messages result in the firm being retained.

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