SEO for Attorney Videos – Optimizing Law Firm Videos for Higher Rankings

Once a law firm video has been produced, the final step is to optimize the video for search engines with a video sitemap.  A video sitemap contains meta tags similar to those used for website pages.

In order to be effective, a video sitemap must include the following information:

  1. The url of the page where the video appears,
  2. The url for the image that is serving as the thumbnail image for the video
  3. The title of the video. This field is limited to 100 characters and must be carefully crafted to include key search terms that not only describe the video, but are descriptive of your firm’s practice
  4. A short description of the video, containing key search terms related to the topic of the video and your firm’s practice
  5. The url to the video file

Effective SEO is an Art

It’s important that videos are not over-optimized with key search terms; otherwise the search engines will view such efforts as “keyword stuffing” and the videos will rank low.  Conversely, “under-optimization” (not using keywords and search terms effectively) can also result in low rankings.

Our team has been optimizing websites, video, and social media sites for years.  Our CEO is also the author of the book The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development Management. 

To learn more about our process for optimizing attorney videos, and for a free consultation about your video needs, please contact us.

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