Optimized Website Content

For search engines, optimized content for law firm websites is king.

The goal of search engines is to return an ordered list of the “best” law firm websites (as determined by its proprietary algorithms) in response to a user’s search query.

Because search engines utilize computer algorithms instead of humans to make these determinations about website content pages, they must rely on complex formulas which include:

  • The word structure of the page,
  • The word placement on the page,
  • Meta tags, and other factors.

Helping the “bots”

In order to help search engines better understand the intent of a web page, the process of web page optimization is used.

As a result a law firm’s website with content that has been “optimized” for search engine purposes (or SEO Content) concerning a specific subject will likely rank higher in the search results than a website with less or “non-optimized” content.

We create effective SEO content for law firm websites

Search Engines have rules around how content and meta tag information are presented. Using the same words too much (which was done in the early days of the Internet), is now detrimental. Conversely, the under-use of key words also results in lower rankings.

Creating optimized content has become somewhat of an art-form, and consists not only of the on-page or “visible” content, but also on the structure of the key words in the meta tags and the internal linking strategies of a law firm’s website.

The website SEO content plan for law firms

Esquire Interactive works with law firms to create an effective Website SEO Content Plan, and prepare new content or revise content previously written by a law firm’s attorneys. The Website Content Plan is designed to improve search engine optimization, which helps connect the firm with prospective clients seeking the firm’s services. Our staff (including attorneys) that understands law firms and their practice areas, and can create client-focused content for your firm’s website.

Contact Esquire Interactive to find out more about the search engine optimized (SEO) content we can create for your law firm’s website.

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