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Founded by a veteran attorney, we understand the business of law. You won’t need to explain to us what a trust and estates attorney does, the different bankruptcy chapters, or the legal entity choices available for new businesses.

We use this knowledge to create effective client-centered websites designed to reach and resonate with your firm’s targeted clients.

Effective websites require more than a good design.

To be effective, your website must:

  • Differentiate your firm from competitors, so that you firm will be seen as the right choice.  
  • Resonate with users and potential clients within the first 10 seconds, so that they will choose to spend the time to learn more about your firm (instead of clicking the back button on their browser to return to Google).
  • Be optimized for search engines, so that it will rank high in the search results.
  • Address key client concerns – by providing the information that they want to see.

What’s Included in Our Law Firm Websites

All Packages

  • Free Hosting for the first year
  • Built on WordPress, the world’s leading website platform
  • Esquire proprietary – WordPrESQ
  • Take your website with you – no long-term hosting commitments
  • Blazingly-fast hosting on our US Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Master website optimization plan – pages

What We Don’t Charge For

We don’t charge for

  • Having a blog
  • Having video
  • Ongoing monthly “optimization” fees (

How Much Does it Cost?

Like legal fees for  a case,





Why Choose EI?  Our Unmatched Commitment to Effective Law Firm Website Development.

# 1 – We devote the time to learn about your practice so that effective firm messaging, differentiation, and branding can be developed.  Without investing this time, your website runs the risk of being seen as a collection of attorney resumes and practice area descriptions, with no call to action about what makes your firm unique or how your firm differs from your competitors.

# 2 – We understand the practice of law.

# 3 – We understand the business of law.

# 4 – Unmatched client service and satisfaction.  Our team knows well your firm and the unique ways in which you serve clients.  You will reach people who can provide high- level of proactive advice immediately. Want to find out what your experience will be like?  Talk to our clients.

# 5   You own your website.  You can “take it with you.”

# 6 – WordPrESQ – ease of website management for profiles and practice areas.

# 7 – Long-term executive Internet experience.  Our executives have each been Internet entrepreneurs for the past decade.  We have successfully formed and sold Internet  busineses.  We understeand what it take to be succesful.

# 8 – Outstanding value – we provide the best website – period.

# 9 – We understand Internet Attorney Branding and the Client-Centered Website – We wrote the ABA Book on it.

#10 – We don’t tie clients to long-term, high-priced contracts.

#11 – Huge savings – Our clients typically save around 70% compared to our Big Company competitors, which often amounts to $20,00 or more in savings over only three years.

#12 – Dedicated branding. Effective websites require more than a site that looks good.  A site must resonate with prospective clients.

#13 – No cookie-cutter services. You don’t provide cookie-cutter services – we don’t create cookie cutter websites or marketing.

#15 – Blazingly-fast law firm website hosting over a Content Distribution Network (CDN). Take advantage of a CDN like the large social media and e-commerce companies for your law firm’s website.

Connect with Potential Clients Searching for Your Firm’s Services

We don’t just build websites.  We build successful platforms for new client development.

As the pioneer behind the development of the Client-Centered Website, we build websites focusing on these key aspects.

Our Development – The Client-Centered

Our development includes:

  • Brand Strategy – we work with you do develop the key messages that will make your firm stand out
  • Custom Website Design
  • Built on WordPress, the World’s Leading Website Content Management System (CMS) platform
  • Optimized search engines

Message from our Founder – Why I Started Esquire Interactive

You shouldn’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to lease your website in perpetuity.  

This is one off the reasons I started Esquire Interactive.

After practicing law for a dozen years (as a corporate and securities attorney with Snell & Wilmer, a senior natural resources attorney with an international natural resources company, and a General Counsel for for an aerospace and defense contractor), I started and sold three internet website businesses. When other lawyers knew learned about this experience, they asked about



We believe that law firms should not have to pay to lease their sites.


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