Websites that look good don’t perform well.  Websites that resonate with and address the needs of prospective clients perform well.

Many law firm websites are well-written and aesthetically pleasing but fail to deliver clients because they are not centered on client needs.

To perform well, a law firm’s website must be focused on how the firm serves clients.

We develop law firm websites based on the “Client-Centered Website” Approach using:

  • A clean, “Web 2.0” look and feel designed to resonate with prospective clients within the critical first 5-12 seconds that they are on a firm’s website,
  • Key messages that speak to the needs of clients and differentiate the firm from its competitors,
  • Website content that clearly explains the firm’s legal practices and how the firm fulfills client needs, and
  • An effective call to action for converting website visitors into firm clients.

All of our law firm websites are custom-developed and targeted to the clients served by each law firm.  We don’t use  website templates.  Click to see our law firm website portfolio.

But what if I already have a website?

If your current website  isn’t producing new clients,  call us – we can help. We can perform a thorough website audit and provide specific recommendations about how to make your firm’s website into an effective marketing tool.

Contact Esquire Interactive today to get started on an effective custom website for your law firm.

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