Creating Your SEO Plan

You have a great website.  Your attorneys are considered among the best for the areas in which they practice. So why isn’t your firm’s website receiving top search engine rankings on Google?

Google doesn’t rank law firms by the size or age of a law firm, or the experience, expertise, or “best lawyer” awards of firm attorneys.

High rankings result from comprehensive strategic search engine optimization around the terms most frequently used by prospective clients when searching for a firm’s services.

How Are High Rankings Obtained?

High rankings result from 2 aspects – On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.

On-Site SEO


Off-Site SEO


High Rankings are Always Relative – The Competitive Analysis Report

When a user enters a search term, such as “Chicago car accident lawyer,” Google and other search engines run algorithms through their databases to determine which page links should be displayed, and the order in which the page links should be displayed, based upon their algorithms. In the process, the SEO algorithm factors of your firm’s website pages are going to be compared against those of your competitors, as well as non-law sites (like legal directories). Whichever pages perform best based upon the algorithm will be shown at the top of the search results.

Our advanced SEO programs start with a competitive analysis concerning the SEO undertaken by competitors receiving high rankings. We want to know what they other firms are doing, so that we can develop a comprehensive, targeted, and cost-effective plan to out-rank competitors.

As an example, without doing a competitive analysis, we won’t know whether blogging, [describe this more from EI materials] 


We offer SEO services ranging from a jump-start plan to comprehensive law firm SEO.  Our SEO Start-Up Package is only $375 and includes creating fully-optimized listings in directories including:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Bing Business Portal

Creating Your Firm’s SEO Plan

Together, with firm attorneys and staff, we identify the desired search terms the firm wants to rank highly for on Google.  We then create a comprehensive SEO Plan designed to achieve higher search engine rankings.  The plan may include, but not limited to:

  • Audit and Review of Firm’s current website
  • Review of law firm websites that appear on the first page of Google for the identified search terms to identify the factors that could be contributing to their first page ranking
  • Social Media Marketing campaign
  • Create local directory listings for firm
  • E-Newsletter campaign
  • Press Release campaign

COST = Work for SEO Plan and associated work is billed at $125/an hour.

All directory listings are optimized around the search terms that best describe your firm’s practices, text describing your practice, and images with file names and alt tags using the identified search terms.

High search engine rankings means more clients.  In two-thirds of Google searches, users click on a link in the first page.  Firms that have links on the first page of the search results receive an over-whelming amount of traffic from prospective clients; firms that don’t have links on the first page are not seen (or considered).Contact Esquire Interactive today and see how we can help get you started moving up in the search engines.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization and how Esquire Interactive can help your law firm website increase its rankings in the search engines.

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