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Custom Websites Yes – all our websites are custom-built around your brand. Often template-based. Websites tend to all look similar.
Savings Custom quote based upon specific needs of law firm. No ongoing license fees.
Low hosting fees (1st year is free)
Total three year cost tends to be at least 80% less than the “other guys”
Ongoing, perpetual monthly costs.Very High ongoing license fees.Two attorney firm cost might be $800/month;

  • Three-year cost of over $28,000.
  • Five year cost of $48,000
Understanding Website and Internet Marketing We wrote the book on it – The Essential Attorney Handbook for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Development Unknown. Will the person working on your website understand law firm marketing, the services your clients are seeking, and SEO?
Custom Branding We create custom branding that resonates with firm clients and differentiates a law firm from its competitors. Custom websites usually cost thousands more than the cookie-cutter template website typically developed.
Understanding Your Firm’s Services Our founder and CEO personally works with all clients in developing the right brand and image. He served as a corporate and securities attorney for an AmLaw 250 firm, as general counsel for an aerospace defense contractor, and as a senior attorney for one of the world’s largest companies. We know your clients and the services you provide. You will likely be delegated to a junior staff member with no law firm experience.
Images & Messages We don’t use the typical law firm symbols – these don’t resonate with prospective clients. We have lots of great pictures of courtrooms, gavels, law books, scales of justice, and marble columns.
Content Management System (CMS) and Widget Compatibility Yes – All of our websites are built on WordPress. WordPress has over 14,000 plugins that can easily be added. Built on closed-end, proprietary CMS platforms. Integration of functionality other than what is built in typically requires significant time and developer charges.
Add/Modify New Website Pages It’s easy, and you don’t need to know any website coding. Usually requires additional charges.
Ability to Easily Add Slide-Shows & Other Media Yes. We build it, you pay for it.
Built-in Blog
Yes. Possibly – But it’s probably going to cost you additional monthly charges.
Long-Term Contract None. Yes – Typically 2 years.
Can I host my website someplace else? Of course! No.

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