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Law Office of Christopher Earley

Boston personal injury lawyer and worker's compensation attorney Chris Earley wanted a new website that would be interactive, provide clients with information about how the firm can help them, and allow potential clients to easily contact him.  The website that we developed accomplishes all of these objectives.

Launch of New Website for Law Office of Rachel L. Engdahl

We are happy to announce the redesign of the website for the Law Office of Rachel L. Engdahl. Ms. Engdahl is a Massachusetts divorce and family law attorney serving the communities of Boston & Wakefield, MA. View Website

Blood Thinner Law Group Launches New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for The Blood Thinner Law Group. The Blood Thinner Law Group is comprised of attorneys from Friedlander & Friedlander, PC, and the Keuhner Law Firm, PLLC. The Group is committed to obtaining full and fair compensation to individuals and the families of those who

Wordfence – Plugin to Better Protect Your WordPress Website Against Hacking

Not much is sure in life except death, taxes, and website hacking attempts. Fortunately, in addition securing your WordPress site with sophisticated passwords, there are security plugins that can offer additional levels of protection. One of our favorite security plugins is Wordfence ( – the full list of features can be seen at this site).

Law Firm Website Conversion

Ideally for a law firm, after a prospective client arrives on their website, a “conversion” will take place. A conversion occurs when the website visitor takes a specified action, such as completing and submitting a contact form or calling the firm. Learn more about conversion principles.

Google Analytics for Law Firm Websites

Evaluating Your Firm’s Website Your site looks great, and is full helpful content, but it’s not getting any traffic. How can you find out what’s going on? With Google Analytics, you can pull back the proverbial curtain and see exactly what’s going on with your website traffic, and learn what changes need to be made.

Law Firm Bounce Rate and Visitor Engagement

Law firm website bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who view only one page of a law firm’s website before leaving. It’s important to know what a law firm’s website bounce rate is, as this will provide an indication as to how engaging the website is, and correspondingly, whether website visitors are

The Coolest 404 Error Page of All Time

A 404 error page (also referred to as a "page not found") is the default page that that appears when a website page does not exist or cannot be found. Leave it to the Rolling Stones to come up with the coolest 404 error page ever.


ABA’s annual Techshow has become our company’s favorite conference of the year, not only for the really cool new gadgets and technology that is always introduced, but more for the the great friends that we’ve developed over the years. As most people who have attended Techshow know, many Techshow attendees come nearly every year. As

We’re Number 1 – So Why Are We listed Number 126 in the Search Results?

Your law firm is well-known to be number one. You’ve got the best attorneys, all of whom graduated from prestigious schools, and the legal media consistently names your firm the best in your city. Why, then, does Google list your firm as number 126 and bury it on the thirteenth page of its search results?

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